Write a Verse for Me

This is short and to the point. Sort of a continuance of my 1 Page Letter instrumental. Same concept, different beat.

Pretty much just a pianette riff, some small vocal chops, drums, and a synth that comes in the end.

You’ll hear pen and paper sound effects during the verse section.

Take care.

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  • Eibiem 1 month ago
    Me encantan este tipo de Beats ♥️🎵
  • Mike Burners 1 month ago
    Had a jot a note for ya cuz I'm so hot for ya/write raps Tom Sawyer u loving me like Goya/my boys telling me it's a trap / fall in love once that's time that you'll never get back/ with u it's never cynical , u ain't that type of individual to stop me from growing eating minerals/ been a minute i been missing rap since I written raps / my freestyle sound better than most written raps / u could read tween the lines/I'm telling you that you're fine I'm telling u that your mine/your telling me get on line / you telling me get behind / get calls outta town by u / truth is honestly im aroused by u / song says write for me I'm a write for u/I met u now I live a life so beautiful/ share things mutual love so beautiful look what u do for me look what I do for u/ without u Im lost out a place out a touch / I fall down u always there to pick me up / that's real like this real u know just how I feel / ur pain u can't conceal an injury I will heal/ chorus........20 bar verse
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