We Meet Again


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Artist: Mali Music Recording: Contradiction Released: 2015

Let’s change speed for a minute. I got to messing around with this song by Mali Music. You know I like to turn people’s songs into instrumentals, so I did another one.

I thought of a short story between two guys who are (or were) good friends and then ran across each other again… And whatever happened, by the end of the song – gunshot. I thought it was an interesting concept, so I laid it out.

This isn’t my typical style, but it was fun to work on, nonetheless. I’m not used to mixing this type of music, so I’m hoping the low end (especially) is proper, along with the other elements.

I’m open to all critique and comments as usual. I like to hear from you all and let me know how I’m doing. Especially when I change it up and try something different.


Sound effects by Lubini.

Additional information


Cover, Rap, Trap


808 Bass, Electric Guitar, Filtered Bass, Synth Bass, Vocals


Dramatic, Serious


120-129 bpm


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