The World Ain’t Real

“I live in a world of fantasy. So keep your reality away from me.
I see what I want. I want what I see.
And that is all okay by me.” – Itzah C Kret

Hip hop beat I put together. Gloria Ann Taylor on the vocals.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

As always, enjoy. And Happy New Year!

Sample Info:
Release Year: 1973

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  • Resa Swork 5 months ago
    It's always a bit more special with a vocal. However, I follow you for the beats! I love all your work!
  • Mc Flo 5 months ago
    Damnnnnn, those drums are so goood. And the melody is top notch.
    Overall a good atmosphere and perfect.
  • Arándano ღ 7 months ago
    On point ! Deep vocals I love this 💯
  • Matto Lenzo 7 months ago
    the year begins very well!!
  • TheRapBoy2 7 months ago
    Deep shit, great work!
  • Punzadas Onescan 7 months ago
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