The Deaf Range

Boosting the bass fine to a deaf range, cracking a bottle of champagne, they exchange lyrical gratifications, verbalized in the form of a toast.

I did something a little different this time. Weird arrangement. And I went a little crazy with my effects again.

And no I am not on drugs. Lol. I hope you like.

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  • Abstrakt 3 weeks ago
    Slap them FX!
  • a1gray1 3 weeks ago
    This is fucking beautiful man
  • Cesar Futuro 3 weeks ago
    I want to make a song with this beat, what should I do?
  • This might fit well as a soundtrack for a dark/gansta/detective movie i guess.
    Peace out mike.
  • waleedHS 1 month ago
    I like it keep em comin. I always pop by to check out what you put out keep up the good work
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