Teach Me Acoustic

I made a simple acoustic hip hop instrumental with Niykee Heaton on the guitar.

Hope you guys like it.

Sample Info:
Artist: Niykee Heaton
Recording: Teach You
Release Year: 2013

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  • I love this song
  • TheRapBoy2 3 months ago
    nice shit mayne!
  • Anonymous Lyrics 3 months ago
    Ignore if you want:

    10 minute challenge

    Another day, some will say its sweet
    I'm just looking for the Right Beat
    Something to hop on discrete
    And inflict emotions from heads to feet
    And teach me how to live with my evil deeds
    I'm always running on E, thats empty
    Rhymes are there for me like friends and family
    But will never betray or attempt to tempt me
    Everybody around me a subliminal enemy
    This free seminar I put on the comments sections
    Flyin across everyones radar on the way to heaven
    I'm steppin',
    Turnin volume knobs up to 11
    Cause this truth that I'm spittin
    In these lines they be fittin'
    You know it,
    I can flow so well almost afraid to show it
    Cause the game is fucked up
    I had hopes but I had to stow it
    Sittin here virtuous and stoic
    Gettin' drunk and euphoric
    Thought I could be the hero
    but I'm not heroic
    Lay back and relax to this pluckin acoustic
    Jumping over hurdles,
    and duckin foes that be ruthless
    I'm ruthless too,
    But peace is preferable to having to merk you
    Thoughts out of control
    Staring into the blue
  • Guada Flores 3 months ago
    First comment...this is very inspirational i can digg it
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