I did this just for fun. The original doesn’t have any drums so I gave it a new groove and a few other things.

It’s pop sounding but who cares, it’s a cool song and it feels good.

If you like it, feel free to download it on our website.

Original artist – Cady Groves.
Remixed by M!KE.

Have fun.

Sample Info:
Artist: Cady Groves
Recording: Changin' Me
Release Year: 2010

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  • RaineTCG 6 months ago
    I seriously love this channel. Criminally underrated.
  • Lisa S. Dyment 3 years ago
    Still loving this track so much! Thank you for allowing us indie artist to use your fabulous indie track. =D Going to use this song again for another project I am doing. Will credit and link to your youtube page <3
  • Lisa S. Dyment 3 years ago
    This song is amazing and I love your channel! I am editing a short indie film and would LOVE to use this song. Is it copyright free? I will credit your channel and the artists in the movie's actual credits and in the description. I am not making any money off of this, it is just a passion project I wanna post online. Is this cool? I totally respect what may be, but your song is just beyond perfect! I seriously dig your tunes, thanks let me know if you can. peace :) p.s much gratitude dude
  • Niko Fresko 3 years ago
    Bro did you make this one with her? I mean was she recording this version in your studio?
  • juarez3ugr 3 years ago
    Love it. Nice.
  • Prairie Dogg 3 years ago
    this is fireeeeee!!! more with vocals bro! shits intense! keep it up
  • jody rule 3 years ago
    brilliant. nice light n freshly bubbly on astagnant morning. the pick up i needed cheers. 
  • The Last Image 3 years ago
    I like it!
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