Been slackin’ on my Rock instrumentals lately. So I spent some time and put together this song called STATIC.

I get kinda weird with sound effects sometimes.

Let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for listening.

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  • Angel Feathers 1 year ago
    can I use this for a song and link you in it bro?  love this
  • Angel Feathers 1 year ago
    can you double the length bro? very interested insuring this as a song . if your interested . appreciate it bro . love the work .
  • how much for lease/exclusive? really interested in this n others you have
  • ansh gautam 2 years ago
    it was simple n inspiring,felt kind of emotional hearing to it,thnks for sharing..cheers!!
  • J.Daniels 2 years ago
    Bro I used your instrumental for one song, i included your youtube channel on description. I hope there isn´t any problem^^
  • dowland
  • beatsbydiemond 2 years ago
    how can i use this beat.
  • Andres Cosmos 2 years ago
    se puede usar ?
  • TheKyleStyles 2 years ago
    You should make a beat with some Kellin Quinn samples!
  • Aʀᴢᴛ 2 years ago
    Good Work-! <3
  • D.i.n BEATS ღ 2 years ago
    Sounds nice ! Great work quite inspiring fam ♫
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