This is a rather simple and dark hip hop instrumental with a piano and some thunder effects. Not much else to it.

I couldn’t think of a name for this one, so naturally I called it “Nameless.”

Hope you like.

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  • Back again. I'm gonna be using this like I was using the last few. I'll be posting it on YT with the fair use jazz and everything once I'm done.

    Did I mention you've been killing these productions? For real, I like this track and a lot of them, anyways. --MC Ballad
  • Atte Leskinen 4 years ago
    so, can this be used in my video?
  • FouEmperor 4 years ago
    Dope bro! Fuckin dope!!!
  • jody rule 4 years ago
    im gonna get better at spittin bars and smash this 
  • Altareek Daniels 4 years ago
    This is a ravishing beat is it up for sale or can it be use because if so i will love to use you as a producer an this track for my album
  • decoyRAP 4 years ago
    oh yeah you're back man hahahah awesome
  • aslaughterzombie 4 years ago
    love it!!!
  • J Means 4 years ago
    I really like this beat, smooth mellow piano beat with harmony
  • nathan cooley 4 years ago
    You say you couldnt think of a name, but methinks the Gallifreyan writing on the background tells another story. Perhaps its a reference to someone's favorite "nameless" time traveler?
  • Red Randumb 4 years ago
    using this for my montage really well done yall
  • Diamond Jackson 4 years ago
    Yo this is amazing! I love your stuff andbyou just gave me something new to write too. Keep doing ya thing! :)
  • DJ M3M1 4 years ago
    Love Your Guy's Stuff!!!
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