Monday Street Acoustics

After my weekday hip hop session series, I decided to start a new weekday series. This time we’ll be working with all acoustic instruments and ambient atmospheres.

So I’ll be building songs every day of the week that feature acoustic instruments (only) and giving them specific moods using all natural ambience and sound effects. It’ll be an interesting and ongoing experiment for us.

The first song in the series features an acoustic guitar (of course), a 12 string guitar, a mandolin, and a bass guitar. I had an idea to create a song that felt like you were standing downtown listening to a street musician and his/her band playing a short tune. And the crowd enjoyed it. Some may have even tipped our friend a few bucks.

Let me know what you think. And stay tuned for the next idea.

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  • Abstrakt 3 weeks ago
    Beginning to get into your music. Looking for snappy beats with this vibe. Legit. Chat soon mang!
  • Clime Music 1 month ago
    I love this
  • Amp fx 1 month ago
    Awesome stuff 👌
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