Lounge 327


If you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll know that ideas pop into my head at the oddest times. This isn’t an incredible story, but the way this came about was when my wife and I were hanging out in a really classy, upscale steakhouse a few nights ago.

It was really dim inside, candles lit all over the place, really smooth and relaxed atmosphere. Wood everything, fancy stuff. And above me I could hear this really cool jazz playing. It was faint, but enough to hear over the general chatter and clinking of wine glasses and stuff. Well after a couple of Manhattans and a double-shot of Jameson, I was sort of hypnotized.

So I went home and I tried to recreate that feeling. It isn’t perfect, but it’s damn close.

This is jazz.


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Acoustic Piano, Electric Guitar, Live Drums, Percussion, Sound FX, Upright Bass


Calm, Jazzy, Laid Back, Sophisticated


90-99 bpm


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