Long Distance


This is an older beat that I’ve been sitting on all year. I’ve been very hesitant to share this as it has a few issues. I had actually decided NOT to ever share this and I had simply put it in the trash pile, never to be listened to again. Well, it’s back.

I’ve been battling with the phasing issues for a while and cannot figure out how to (post-recording) fix the problem. I did not do a very good job mixing the beat before recording, so you may have some frequencies clashing in there somewhere. This can introduce what I call “mud.”

This is a cool instrumental I think, but it just didn’t come out as I had originally planned. So I sat on it for a while until I built up enough courage to share it with you! So take it as is!

Thanks for listening.

Additional information


Hip Hop, R&B


Rhodes Piano, Sound FX, Synth Bass, Synth Lead


Calm, Dreamy, Quiet, Reflective, Serene


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