This is a rap instrumental with guitars, various synth instruments, a string section, and 808 bass.
I also included a few other effects like risers and breath vox during the hooks.


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  • STAYVTV 4 years ago
    Sounds like Bitch don't kill my vibe !
  • Hunter James 4 years ago
    Man no matter what kinda mood I'm in I know if I listen to a beat by RightBeat Ima be in a good mood for the rest of the day!!!! Keep doin your thing!
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    LOL that is hilarious! Thanks for that.
  • RecognitionGiven 4 years ago
    yes. first time ive seen you just put rap or something too lol.
  • Jamal Harrison 4 years ago
    Mike this is fire. I can always count on you when looking for beats to use for my mixtapes
  • Jamal Harrison 4 years ago
    I'll hope on
  • Ávila 4 years ago
    Here! Spanglish song if you want :)
  • Daquan Jones 4 years ago
    Killer beat! Anyone wanna collab? (Non-profit) I have a mixtape dropping on Halloween & this may be the last track.
  • tinymic3082 4 years ago
    You know da style .. illest producer =rightbeatradio
  • jose cruz 4 years ago
    I felt this beat yo mad talent
  • Smooth af...really dope!
  • NessHype 4 years ago
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