Going Nowhere

Lonely and sad experimental hip hop instrumental.

Have you ever felt like you’ve done so much, but still feel like you’ve gone nowhere? Well, yeah… This is that.

This is my cover instrumental take of the Oneohtrix Point Never song called Replica. Pretty lonely song. I had to put my spin on it.

Sample Info:
Recording: Replica
Release Year: 2011

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  • Anonymous Lyrics 4 months ago
    Ignore if you want:

    Been a constant struggle, I've got a battle within /
    Talked to a reverend he said my god will not forgive /
    My lines are fast, hands quick and my rhmyes are packed /
    More time to spit sick until my lungs are blacked /
    I get unhinged thinking about my past but I'm harking back /
    Certain kinds of pain when you listen to certain tracks /
    Everybody's got that, my syllables pitter pat /
    Aint on Twitter social media is a litter of bats /
    Can't see, only consume in vast hordes and packs /
    Zombies with personalities, don't make me laugh /

    sat down and wrote whatever lol
  • Fymega 4 months ago
    Really, really great beat. Pretty much encapsules how I'm feeling at the moment as well. Really digging how you introduce and take away elements in the background while the pianoline is just trodding on.
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