Dear John


This is Acoustic Rock / Hip Hop Attempt #1.

Ok this was actually something different that I forced myself to try, so this will fall under the experimental category. I have no idea what genre this would fall under. Can anyone let me know what they think? My purpose for doing this was that I’m trying to think differently and use sounds that I’ve never used before.

I don’t know a whole lot about the Rock genre or it’s sub genres. So This came out a little bland with respect to the arrangement . The drums and main guitar riff don’t change much but it’s a start. I think once I can learn more about what actually goes into a rock song, I can start to incorporate that into my hip hop and start blending the two a little better.

When I hear this, the first thing that comes to mind is someone telling a story about an angry man. And apparently his name is John…

Thanks for listening, all comments are appreciated!

Additional information


Experimental, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock


Acoustic Guitar, DJ Scratches, Filtered Bass


Aggressive, Mournful, Serious


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