Thank you for taking time to read this document. This is what separates you as an artist from others. You take your art seriously, and we applaud that!

The information in this license is very important and should be fully read and understood before using any music by Right Beat Radio. This is your legal agreement with Right Beat Radio that you will be held to once you begin using our music in your own projects.

We have tried to simplify the information in this document to make it easier for you to read. As always, if you have any questions please contact us.

General Information

This is a license agreement between Right Beat Radio ( and you, the Licensee. By downloading and/or using this music for any purpose, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

In other words – If you download or use any of our music, you agree to our license. Your word is your bond.

Credit Information

This royalty-free music is available to download with a non-exclusive license for your personal or commercial use, as long as you credit Right Beat Radio for the music. Credit must be given in either the song title, in the song description, or within the song or album/project credits. No exceptions.

In other words – You are free to use this music non-exclusively as long as you credit Right Beat Radio. We don’t care if you use it for your personal or commercial projects, but you must credit us for the music. Period.

Alternative Use

This non-exclusive license also includes use of our recordings for television shows or program broadcasting/advertising, film and movie recording/advertising, and radio program broadcasting/advertising.

We ask that you contact us with the details of the production and any other information that is relevant to the project.

In other words – We’re ok if you use our music for television, film, or radio programs. We simply need you to contact us with the information about your project and how you’re using our music.

Limitations of Use and Copyright Information

Right Beat Radio retains all rights to this music.

You do not have to pay Right Beat Radio any royalties and/or fees for using the music cataloged on this website, per the terms of this agreement.

You may not claim as your own, or resell any instrumental recordings by Right Beat Radio as part of a compilation, sample pack, mix tape, individually, or otherwise.

Some of this music contains samples. Any piece, clip, and/or sample featured in a Right Beat Radio recording, that was not originally recorded by Right Beat Radio, remains the property of it’s respective author/artist.

We do not own rights to other artist’s recordings (samples). Please be sure you secure proper permissions from the respective sampled artist before using the music in your own projects.

Right Beat Radio is in no way legally responsible for an artist’s neglect in obtaining proper permission from the owner of the original composition (sample).

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