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    Right Beat Radio 2 Minutes of Inspiration
    2 Minutes of Inspiration
    2 Minutes of Inspiration
    by admin
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    oZZokh games 1 year ago
    ty for the awesome song, here are my lyrics on it!


    Walking in a street, see a few people down a alley,
    a tally of ten, in all ways quite dally
    even though he was agressed, Verbally,
    he felt attracted to them.
    Just as you feel shabby
    after a few glasses of brandy

    He’s at his home, alone
    got a joint in his hand, homegrown
    He wished he could fly, but now hes stone
    through thin skin he can feel his hipbone
    he wants to smoke, but hes hungry,
    only one solution: postpone.

    news : Daughter turned nine
    He thought he was quite fine
    set off not seeing her,
    but then again he just had a glass of wine.
    he didn’t realize he missed his date with his valentine
    He really thought that in his life he’d shine!

    At work
    He’s got a nickname : jerk
    you always see ‘im shirking
    He refrained from using his dirk
    when learned he’s doing extra, un paid
    His boss is a nice guy
    who really does try
    maybe not an ally, but remember to say
    “Bye, bye!”

    they’re gone
    news is greeted with a yawn
    Outside the sky is orange with dawn.
    he imagines it, the exon
    wasted in a few precious years
    It’s drawn
    he’s on his lawn
    wonderin if he’s the king, or pawn.

    He remembers
    in the past; an inventor
    the feeling it engenders
    its terror
    passing in those cerebral messengers
    He thought he wasn’t a spender
    but looks like he just wasted an extra life.


    He had always felt those cameras
    As if his life was some sort of reality show
    every morning, all beau
    go “Wow” at the snow
    look at the dust and blow
    But in that case, who where the crew and the spectators below?!

    too late!
    all it did was punctuate
    perfect date,
    left with no hate
    it was only to elevate,
    To try and lose his weight!

    “I Hereby grant all my possessions
    to my wife and child.
    I had no obsessions,
    no great expression
    just let me leave this dimension”
    There is only one problem with what he said
    together they wed
    they joined heads,
    together they bred
    together made to shred
    together they tripped and tread
    all the way till zed,
    into their car and sped
    but they waited the future with dread
    but they stayed bulkheaded
    till that small thread.
    and now they’re dead.
    JesusZeuSRodriguez 3 years ago
    MAN.... This is very well put together. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into such good music. Keep up the good work.
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Yeah, the Roots are a HUGE influence on my music. Funny you said that, I thought so myself. Thank you!
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    Right Beat Radio Fresh Eyes
    Fresh Eyes
    Fresh Eyes
    by admin
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    TherebelliongodVEVO 10 months ago
    Hey I hope you see this, but im gonna be working on my music career starting next month, in I would love to use this for my intro, lol I rap
    Mubeen Ahmed 1 year ago
    Hey! I was wondering if I could use this song for my upcoming documentary that I am doing for a school project. I was think about uploading it on YouTube! I also thought that I could sent it to a local movie festival in MOntreal where I live. If I have your permission to use this song, I will put the name of the song and the writer in the credits of my documentary and as well give them a ''shoutout', in the description of the video on YouTube.
    Michael j Marley 2 years ago
    i made a song with this beat if anybody wants to check it out, its on my page "Michael J - i Wonder" .. all feedback is appreciated good or bad.
    jody rule 2 years ago
    eautiful piece bro! not wrote to your stuff in a long time. still my favorite composer/ beat maker by far. in awe 

    Found th first email you ever sent, like 3 yrs ago to me. asking for my email, and i still hope that we get to work together on something. I have so many sets of lyrics for so many of your pieces of work And so much i cant get out my head in general... one day eh ;) 
    Anywy i thank you for your inspiration brother... hope hope the big pond dont get in the way forever. working with yous on my bucket list for sure next to will i am and ariana grande (pwetty lady lol) and lionel richie. ha blessed
    Illicit Records 2 years ago
    hey my label and i does punk rock and i've noticed your punk rock instrumentals are rockin! could you please make more

    Email me @
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    Right Beat Radio Hey, Cutie!
    Hey Cutie
    Hey, Cutie!
    by admin
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    Right Beat Radio Homeless
    by admin
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    Right Beat Radio Soul Music
    Soul Music
    Soul Music
    by admin
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    Ari Jalokinos 3 months ago
    As smooth and lovable this tune might be but there is something wrong with the fingersnap timing. It is constantly slightly off. Just a bit. A nudge to back, a fraction of a second would probably fix this.
    CT yang 3 months ago
    3 am in the morning, im still mounrin
    got off the phone with you an hour after callin
    say love is easy if i was ballin
    my love is as strong as nemos dad, marvin
    sittin writin songs thinkin reminisincin
    rings so deep clean in karmas grip
    man she got me whipped, born dog year
    still i roll up on their crib
    let me slip pass security for reasons
    no one near to me can seem to believe
    taught you everything you know
    or atleast how to smoke some weed
    you light up the bowl, but not to eat
    matter of fact who taught you to roll? me
    of course i learned a thang or two to
    two plus two equals me and you
    oh im wrong? i would never let you lose
    i would never let you choose, cause you do you

    i dont know what to do
    but i dont give a fuck about you
    i dont know what to do
    but im still, in love with you

    lol check out my channel :p
    Mastah Fly 10 months ago
    meeeeeeeega track! deutsche soul_lyricks sollten darauf !!!!! ich gebe
    mein bestes!!! ;-) :-)
    Miguel Garcia 1 year ago
    Can I use this song for a experimental dancing? I'm doing some visuals for a Dancing Festival in Germany, is for a great cause, and totally non commercial... is a great song dude!!
    miguestanck 2 years ago
    Can I use this song to sing on my own? Sorry my English is little. I'm from Argentina and I liked so much this music. Great job! Genius!
    King Vis 2 years ago
    This just inspired me to do something similar, keep the good work! Kinda sounds like Musiq Soulchild's "Just Friends".
    Darcelle Wright 2 years ago
    can i use this plz its my first time time wrting a song and i would love to write a song on this, and if i get the chance i will record it and shear it with you xox
    Jay Frink 2 years ago
    Can I use this song for my website for class? I'm doing a soul food restaurant, but the restaurant isn't real. 
    Ángel Ruiz 2 years ago
    Hey! I just used this amazing beat for a song. It'd be included on my new mixtape (non-profit), I hope u don't mind! I'll give u credit.

    Thanks u, keep goin, amazin work!
    Nada Gamble 2 years ago
    Hey I love this! I write a little poetry and I sometimes sing them over instrumentals like this and I wanted to know if it's ok for me to use this in a video?
    Smiley 2 years ago
    This beat is amazing, im feeling it so hard, reminds me of a cold wet winters night in London being locked up inside all nice and warm kicked back and chillin !!
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    Right Beat Radio Wednesday
    by admin
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    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Lol, don't worry. Just try something and it will be good experience. Anytime you get an opportunity to do something a little different, try it out. Thanks man
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Hey, you can visit my website - rightbeatradio(dot)com - and download everything there, and also contact me if you need to! Thanks again.
    Nashard Gales 4 years ago
    Hey would you mind if i transpose the key say like 3 octaves lower and i can show you my work with it?
    techloto 4 years ago
    You've got such a unique style don't change it! Your beats are the types that just stand out on an album and would be a classic not just a one month banger... DON'T STOP DON'T CHANGE, GROW!
    Sincere410 4 years ago
    @RightBeatRadio yo me & my boys spit to a lot of your beats ,how can I contant you to use some of your beats for a mixtape? (promo use only for right now )