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 One Nine Nine Nine Remix

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    Right Beat Radio Mathematics
    by admin
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    Franky Fazz 5 months ago
    Que clase de musica ,que concepto ,de los mejores y mas sencillos beat que e escuchado ,gracias
    Steven Hancock 8 months ago
    shit kid this is twisted, bare knuckles scarred and gifted. rotten in the middle, locked and riddled with sickness. it's the end game, positive movements attack the grime, helicopter blades scapegoats and lime. the bodies pile up disposed corpses reek for miles. the bell rings, into the flames we walk our guns of hire. barren my dreams have become, with blacked out visions of the sun. my soul is cursed, thick stained leather dries as a tight tourniquet. the dead laugh as they tear at our feet but the actions of the few repel this bloody tournament. so with caution we wonder so the guilt can't hunt us, Charles mason knife parties and ball gag bondage. split the throat ear to ear, a smile for all seasons of the year. shake yourself awake it's time rise, the death of the light is soon and bright
    Sango Kainde 10 months ago
    All the mathematics in the world is no use/Every rapper against me son, I still let loose/I'm still hot, burning but I'm never burning out/Mastered this rap shish that most are still learning about/Dig it..wicked as witches boiling cats in a big pot/I weave rhyme stories and boil rappers in a sick plot/Damn my concentration broke naw never/The God never out of power I live forever....forever.....
    Rock&Roll_Pat 1 year ago
    School Life

    No one gives a shit about it
    They just wanna pass the class
    So they don't finish last
    Get into the best school
    Dress the most cool
    So they don't look like a fool

    Teachers changing grades
    Always full of shade
    You don't know who to trust
    They'll leave you in the dust
    The more you ask
    The more you're given tasks

    Turning the page
    Watching me rage
    Feeling as if I'm locked in a cage
    Hurts in my core
    Feeling so bored
    Walking out my classroom door
    sweetness75951 1 year ago
    Same beat as down with us by twiztid, thanks for removing the lyrics!!!! :D Im writing a mad piece on this!
    yo you only got 4 seconds
    while i am back in the mix
    sticks and stones is apart
    of my switch i am a thug nigger
    that's mentality sick wearing
    clothes that don't have a seams
    to the stitch and broken down cock
    with no cream to the bitch lol
    Jay the gamer 1 year ago
    hey very nice beat
    i have a nice style on IT
    when you say ok i record IT
    and you can listen to IT on my youtubechannel After a few weecks
    Tullio Crotti 1 year ago
    I'm writing a song on this beat. I'm not a rapper nor a singer and this is the only beat I found easy to write rhymes on it. I really enjoy this beat, it's amazing. I just want to write one song to diss an old "friend" because he deserves it. It will be in italian, I don't think i'm going to write it in english, i'm sorry. Anyway, I hope to publish it as soon as possible! Thanks Right Beat Radio!
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    Right Beat Radio One Nine Nine Nine Remix
    One Nine Nine Nine
    One Nine Nine Nine Remix
    by admin
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