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 Fresh Eyes
 Would You?

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    Right Beat Radio Fresh Eyes
    Fresh Eyes
    Fresh Eyes
    by admin
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    TherebelliongodVEVO 10 months ago
    Hey I hope you see this, but im gonna be working on my music career starting next month, in I would love to use this for my intro, lol I rap
    Mubeen Ahmed 1 year ago
    Hey! I was wondering if I could use this song for my upcoming documentary that I am doing for a school project. I was think about uploading it on YouTube! I also thought that I could sent it to a local movie festival in MOntreal where I live. If I have your permission to use this song, I will put the name of the song and the writer in the credits of my documentary and as well give them a ''shoutout', in the description of the video on YouTube.
    Michael j Marley 2 years ago
    i made a song with this beat if anybody wants to check it out, its on my page "Michael J - i Wonder" .. all feedback is appreciated good or bad.
    jody rule 2 years ago
    eautiful piece bro! not wrote to your stuff in a long time. still my favorite composer/ beat maker by far. in awe 

    Found th first email you ever sent, like 3 yrs ago to me. asking for my email, and i still hope that we get to work together on something. I have so many sets of lyrics for so many of your pieces of work And so much i cant get out my head in general... one day eh ;) 
    Anywy i thank you for your inspiration brother... hope hope the big pond dont get in the way forever. working with yous on my bucket list for sure next to will i am and ariana grande (pwetty lady lol) and lionel richie. ha blessed
    Illicit Records 2 years ago
    hey my label and i does punk rock and i've noticed your punk rock instrumentals are rockin! could you please make more

    Email me @
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    Right Beat Radio Would You?
    Would You?
    Would You?
    by admin
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    Fymega 3 months ago
    Dude, I don't think i ever told you this, but your acoustic reworkings are always freaking magical. Really, really beautiful work here. Especially the last half of the song. Incredibly serene. I don't really have any criticism for this one, really great job. Makes me want to finally finish my song on your It's Just Jealousy beat. :D

    Also, I really gotta check out Liza Anne now, her voice is so beautiful and emotive. Have you ever checked out PJ Bond or Emily Barker? They could really be in your wheelhouse.^^