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    Right Beat Radio 2 Minutes of Inspiration
    2 Minutes of Inspiration
    2 Minutes of Inspiration
    by admin
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    oZZokh games 1 year ago
    ty for the awesome song, here are my lyrics on it!


    Walking in a street, see a few people down a alley,
    a tally of ten, in all ways quite dally
    even though he was agressed, Verbally,
    he felt attracted to them.
    Just as you feel shabby
    after a few glasses of brandy

    He’s at his home, alone
    got a joint in his hand, homegrown
    He wished he could fly, but now hes stone
    through thin skin he can feel his hipbone
    he wants to smoke, but hes hungry,
    only one solution: postpone.

    news : Daughter turned nine
    He thought he was quite fine
    set off not seeing her,
    but then again he just had a glass of wine.
    he didn’t realize he missed his date with his valentine
    He really thought that in his life he’d shine!

    At work
    He’s got a nickname : jerk
    you always see ‘im shirking
    He refrained from using his dirk
    when learned he’s doing extra, un paid
    His boss is a nice guy
    who really does try
    maybe not an ally, but remember to say
    “Bye, bye!”

    they’re gone
    news is greeted with a yawn
    Outside the sky is orange with dawn.
    he imagines it, the exon
    wasted in a few precious years
    It’s drawn
    he’s on his lawn
    wonderin if he’s the king, or pawn.

    He remembers
    in the past; an inventor
    the feeling it engenders
    its terror
    passing in those cerebral messengers
    He thought he wasn’t a spender
    but looks like he just wasted an extra life.


    He had always felt those cameras
    As if his life was some sort of reality show
    every morning, all beau
    go “Wow” at the snow
    look at the dust and blow
    But in that case, who where the crew and the spectators below?!

    too late!
    all it did was punctuate
    perfect date,
    left with no hate
    it was only to elevate,
    To try and lose his weight!

    “I Hereby grant all my possessions
    to my wife and child.
    I had no obsessions,
    no great expression
    just let me leave this dimension”
    There is only one problem with what he said
    together they wed
    they joined heads,
    together they bred
    together made to shred
    together they tripped and tread
    all the way till zed,
    into their car and sped
    but they waited the future with dread
    but they stayed bulkheaded
    till that small thread.
    and now they’re dead.
    JesusZeuSRodriguez 4 years ago
    MAN.... This is very well put together. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into such good music. Keep up the good work.
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Yeah, the Roots are a HUGE influence on my music. Funny you said that, I thought so myself. Thank you!
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    Right Beat Radio Camp
    by admin
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    Evan Thielen 4 years ago
    They say dreams are free so reach out and take it But I don't accept hand outs cuz I've already made it I'm fading in and out of consciousness, I became the bottles bitch Wake up the next morning trying to figure out what the fuck did I miss.
    jody rule 4 years ago
    here we go again im on catch up, buzzin off my nut n you are uploadin = no sleep tonight thanks bro
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    Right Beat Radio House Music
    House Music
    House Music
    by admin
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    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Yeah you're right! I can try to minimize that issue before recording the beat. I'll just have to listen closer next time. :) Thanks dog!
    jody rule 4 years ago
    man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i aint saying a word this time ... and the fret noise utilize the sound, do a new video a live one with you in it and get a live feel and advertise it as a live track its awseome, warnings will stop people puttin too loud in there ears.
    4 years ago
    You, should do a beat making video. For real.
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Hey, you're right. The noise is from the fingers moving across the frets and in some places it can get a little loud. I can try to do better the next time. You can try using an eq on the high end or running it through a filter to get those extreme highs out of it. Thanks for letting me know!
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    Right Beat Radio Tuesday
    by admin
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    MC Xcalibre 4 years ago
    Ok now it is making me cry lol i know it sounds gay but i can really feel the emotion in this song, pardon my french but this is fucking brilliant, i will have my fiance in tears when she hears this lol
    MC Xcalibre 4 years ago
    I have one word for this song........ BEAUTIFUL! Its song like these that inspire you the second you hear them play, I can't wait to write something to this bad boy, i may even try to sing too lol Keep up the good work, you have made me a fan!
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    Right Beat Radio Would You?
    Would You?
    Would You?
    by admin
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    Fymega 3 months ago
    Dude, I don't think i ever told you this, but your acoustic reworkings are always freaking magical. Really, really beautiful work here. Especially the last half of the song. Incredibly serene. I don't really have any criticism for this one, really great job. Makes me want to finally finish my song on your It's Just Jealousy beat. :D

    Also, I really gotta check out Liza Anne now, her voice is so beautiful and emotive. Have you ever checked out PJ Bond or Emily Barker? They could really be in your wheelhouse.^^