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    A Better Day
    A Better Day
    by admin
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    Ebony Ragin 2 years ago
    My gracious. We started writing before listening to the whole song so when the beat changed we were like, what the what. Lol. It's cute but we weren't ready. Praise the Lord and goodbye. Lol
    Brody Burnom 2 years ago
    This is such an amazing god filled track and I love it so much is alright if I use in a song I've been working on please? and God Bless and his blessings are surely upon you
    Ghacobie Bell 2 years ago
    It's a beautiful God inspired composition, God is all in it, no one has more swagger than the Lord. I could split something over this that could change a couple of hoodlums immediately, God wants all his flock saved.
    Ghacobie Bell 2 years ago
    Don't change anything, God gave you a gift, the entire track speaks to me and the creative nature of God spoke to you, advice from other believers is good but God is better, I'm not God, I'm just giving you my opinion, I am a rapper who has rapped for the world and rapped for God, I am not currently living a righteous life but I believe in God and that Jesup laid his life down for me and you. Keep doing what God has put in you, pray over it, listen to us outsiders a little but go to your source for your true advice, God. Did I tell you I love this track? Got me freestyling gospel all over my House. Praise Jesus!
    meya ray 2 years ago
    I actually love this beat, but the first 1:30 should have been the last part of the song, but above all please keep up the great work, and stay encouraged no matter what... GOD bless you
    Angela Njob 2 years ago
    Thanks for this bro, I've been looking for a modern gospel instrumental for a while, God bless you!
    Reggie Twyn Currie 2 years ago
    As a Gospel DJ and Praise Dancer I really appreciate your craft.  Thanks for sharing.  I have included this into an intro for a praise dance routine.  I'll share if it is recorded when I minister.

    God bless
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    Heard You On the Radio
    Heard You On the Radio
    by admin
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    Frank B. 3 years ago
    were you inspired by daft punk making this beat? it has a get lucky kind of vibe with a faster tempo which is pretty cool. Anyways your beats are great man. Good inspiration as always. Peace
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    Hello, Summer
    Hello, Summer!
    by admin
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    Emily Suter 2 years ago
    Hello, I am interested in using this instrumental for a school film that I am currently making. Would I be able to use this if I credit Right Beat Radio?
    EnsoUnoTV 2 years ago
    Hey man, search "Enso Uno - México Despierta" or my official channel EnsoUnoVEVO, Thats the song we were talking about, you can see RBR Music in the description, why RBR Music? Because i couldnt but "Right Beat Radio Music" because there wasnt enough space,you could tell me your mail if you're interested in read the lyrics, i could send the translation to you through your mail. Alright man, i hope you like the song! Regards my friend!