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      Right Beat Radio Funky Little Me
      Funky Little Me
      Funky Little Me
      by admin
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      Artz Lyricist 4 years ago
      Yo wut up Right Beat Radio I just posted a freestyle over this beat as a vid response check it out and respond on it if you get a moment. ps its pure freestyle now writen and u can tell so i hope u enjoy
      Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
      I love this idea. I think you're right. I have some T-shirts and other items I can give out. Thanks!
      Jack Suede 4 years ago
      Any chance a brotha can get the mp3 download for this? Im a street artis, make my money freestylin in the street, haha this would be just easy. If ya can props, if not haha well the industry's a bitch
      jody rule 4 years ago
      is this one to keep me on my toes? im up for the challenge! bring um and i will sing um build um and ill mash em bring jody panash n sum, this is a sick sound im all over it peace....
      Visualize it 4 years ago
      You should make a contest on people freestyling or atleast drop 16 bars and winner gets a beat lol sounds dope no?
      Aleks Wuz 4 years ago
      DUDEEEE.. this is such a perfect freestyle/freeverse beat!! AWESOME!!
      Mc Flo 4 years ago
      I love your beats, let me give you a suggestion. "You are good with your instruments and your beats come out very good but be very careful about the final mix-down, it should be loud and hard. Listen to your favorite producers final mix and listen to yours, I think you will know what I am talking about." Good Luck and keep making more beats, I love your works.