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      Right Beat Radio Soul Music
      Soul Music
      Soul Music
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Ari Jalokinos 2 months ago
      As smooth and lovable this tune might be but there is something wrong with the fingersnap timing. It is constantly slightly off. Just a bit. A nudge to back, a fraction of a second would probably fix this.
      CT yang 2 months ago
      3 am in the morning, im still mounrin
      got off the phone with you an hour after callin
      say love is easy if i was ballin
      my love is as strong as nemos dad, marvin
      sittin writin songs thinkin reminisincin
      rings so deep clean in karmas grip
      man she got me whipped, born dog year
      still i roll up on their crib
      let me slip pass security for reasons
      no one near to me can seem to believe
      taught you everything you know
      or atleast how to smoke some weed
      you light up the bowl, but not to eat
      matter of fact who taught you to roll? me
      of course i learned a thang or two to
      two plus two equals me and you
      oh im wrong? i would never let you lose
      i would never let you choose, cause you do you

      i dont know what to do
      but i dont give a fuck about you
      i dont know what to do
      but im still, in love with you

      lol check out my channel :p
      Mastah Fly 9 months ago
      meeeeeeeega track! deutsche soul_lyricks sollten darauf !!!!! ich gebe
      mein bestes!!! ;-) :-)
      Miguel Garcia 1 year ago
      Can I use this song for a experimental dancing? I'm doing some visuals for a Dancing Festival in Germany, is for a great cause, and totally non commercial... is a great song dude!!
      miguestanck 2 years ago
      Can I use this song to sing on my own? Sorry my English is little. I'm from Argentina and I liked so much this music. Great job! Genius!
      King Vis 2 years ago
      This just inspired me to do something similar, keep the good work! Kinda sounds like Musiq Soulchild's "Just Friends".
      Darcelle Wright 2 years ago
      can i use this plz its my first time time wrting a song and i would love to write a song on this, and if i get the chance i will record it and shear it with you xox
      Jay Frink 2 years ago
      Can I use this song for my website for class? I'm doing a soul food restaurant, but the restaurant isn't real. 
      Ángel Ruiz 2 years ago
      Hey! I just used this amazing beat for a song. It'd be included on my new mixtape (non-profit), I hope u don't mind! I'll give u credit.

      Thanks u, keep goin, amazin work!
      Nada Gamble 2 years ago
      Hey I love this! I write a little poetry and I sometimes sing them over instrumentals like this and I wanted to know if it's ok for me to use this in a video?
      Smiley 2 years ago
      This beat is amazing, im feeling it so hard, reminds me of a cold wet winters night in London being locked up inside all nice and warm kicked back and chillin !!
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio The Soul Song
      The Soul Song
      The Soul Song
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Ade Kin 3 years ago
      ola man soy de mexico y me gusto esta istrumental me dejarias ocuparla mandame tu respuesta o agregame a mi facebook porfabor: :Mc Antonio Antonio Hernandez (Mc Antonio)
      4 years ago
      For what comes next there is no happy ending Life's a fuckin' roller coaster I'm so sick of bending Round the turns and back again Just to get stabbed in the back Sick of bein' treated like a piece of shit In actual fact I'm sick of everything I'm sick of breathing I give up this is it I'm leaving
      4 years ago
      Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone Sometimes I feel like I'm in a broken home Sometimes I feel like the worlds out to get me And sometimes I feel like my mates let me Down all the time Cause who's a friend if they ain't there When you need em and you are down all the time When you need a shoulder to steady your steps When you breakin' down and fakin' a smile soon as you get Out of the comfort zone in other words outta ya bedroom I don't think that the world will be prepared soon
      João Rodrigues 4 years ago
      I would like to use a beat for my album. On my album is all original and will be for sale in stores.
      Bdog1277 5 years ago
      No problem dude! That's some damn good work you did there bro! I let my girl hear it today and she loved it! Like I said, it's just a mellow groove, not sad at all.
      Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
      Yeah true, at first I thought it sounded sad but you all have convinced me its just mellow lol. So cool man thanks a lot for writing to me. Enjoy!
      Bdog1277 5 years ago
      Man that's awesome! Has a great feel to it. Not really sad but more so mellow and relaxing.
      RexxBeats 5 years ago
      this goes in its nice smooth and mellow i'd appreciate it if you came and checked my music out