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    by admin
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    The Quartz Gamer 3 years ago
    hey this is a version using the above track i hope you like it :)you can find me on soundcloud under kellytobin-bunce
    jody rule 4 years ago
    took it down brother i think! i been told i am putting too much unfinished stuff live and people dont take my good work serious. i need to stop gettin excited by music like i do it causes my bi polar to insist on puttin stuff up unfinished or poor quality (by which i mean recording quality, reflect s on your beats too! so i stoppin). bi polar is a bossy bitch lol...
    versofiya 4 years ago
    your beats are amazing and the fact you are fine with use with no charge is fantastic as ive heard utter crap hustled for cash. keep up the great work my man, real talk.
    jody rule 4 years ago
    last one i think lol... soundcloud . com/jodyrule-and-friends/summersong-bonita or maybe not oops ;)
    CRISS A. 4 years ago
    so when im done with the song.. How would you like me to mention you?
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Hey man, credit goes to you and all of my other dedicated listeners. Without you I'm nothing. So thank you and I'm glad you still like the music! Much love to you!
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Absolutely, be my guest. As long as the proper credit is given for the music, you can use this for anything you need. Thanks and have fun!
    Allan Mercado 4 years ago
    Your beats are getting better and better my man!! :) love listening to them!! :D Thank God you came back! and you Delivered!!!
    Jalen Ryan 4 years ago
    can i use this? ill give you credit and this is a dope beat i promise ill kill it! haha hit me back though
    Coffee Shop
    Coffee Shop
    by admin
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    Jesse Lawrence 1 month ago
    Lets embark on this colorful journey dont worry probably from tha sight of ur eyes i might freeze up and die say u tha one like a duplicate u can get on my side like a number chick
    YungCityBoi415 3 years ago
    yo dis be funky
    I got yo girl sayin hump me
    got yo ass sayin don't jump me
    or throw me in the trunk b
    but I do, close tha lid and drop you off at skoo
    with mo blood den 3 gunshot wounds
    MrRain 3 years ago
    Start 0:32
    Yea its me,
    the boy from the backyard,
    i never understood why people act hard,
    i go to the coffee shop just to let my soul loose,
    i never did it with that grey goose so can you,
    i just sit there and let my mind unwind,
    almost like when you mind is in a bind,
    stuck between real and just in the mind,
    trying to be the one whose real of his time,
    buncedan 3 years ago
    hi there i was wondering if you would mind listening to my soundcloud as the first 5 tracks ( my latest ones) i have used your instrumentals and i would love to know what you think ?its kellytobin-bunce on soundcloudThankyou
    Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
    Thank you! I've been using Garage Band lately, but I've worked with all kinds of software and hardware. I really enjoy using GB now though.
    by admin
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    Dannykid8 10 months ago
    Yo it's Fry-day
    think imma get Hi-day
    my way or the highway
    master of truths, Aiwei (Io-way)
    either way today I will seize my moment
    hip hop's ku is here an I will over throw it
    Got my weed N my Light Jus missing one key component
    yueah my homies know it
    if Im lighting up we all glowing
    each man in the boat rowing
    shout out to my brother Rowan
    lights, action, now I best get to showing.
    Patrick Dunac 2 years ago
    Can I write to this and use this for a mixtape if I give you the credits for the beat? I won't be profiting of the mixtape, just uploading it for free download. Let me know?
    T.j. Scott 2 years ago
    Amazing. I cant help but sing every time i hear ya. Always the right beat!
    Joaquin Carrig 2 years ago
    I wake up in the morning as the soon as the sunlight hits my eye
    Reach over to the windowsill, check my phone to see if she replied

    I stare at the automated clock telling me its nine thirty five
    No new messages just my reflection telling me that I'm alive
    I let out a sigh

    But that's alright
    It's a brand new day, no sense in letting it go to waste
    You can't approach every situation with haste

    Especially when its a marathon and not a race
    So I put on some boxers, a t-shirt, and my happy face

    At least for awhile
    Ridin the CTA to Chicago, standin in the aisle
    Listenin' to Stevie Wonder, turnin up the volume dial

    With 25 dollar headphones keepin me in style
    Cause I don't need money provin' I'm worth the extra mile

    Fast forward
    Teacher writing on the white board
    But not because he was abhorred

    Just more important matters were needed to be addressed
    Like the simple fact that she was completely failing the eye test  
    Caught her looking at me like I was something real blessed
    You know Jesus walking on water miracle type impressed
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    Just Chill
    by admin
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    Resa Swork 1 month ago
    That was great, Mike, truly Chill. Think I need to put on a sweater! :D Just kidding around.
    Soul Music
    Soul Music
    by admin
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    Ari Jalokinos 2 weeks ago
    As smooth and lovable this tune might be but there is something wrong with the fingersnap timing. It is constantly slightly off. Just a bit. A nudge to back, a fraction of a second would probably fix this.
    CT yang 2 weeks ago
    3 am in the morning, im still mounrin
    got off the phone with you an hour after callin
    say love is easy if i was ballin
    my love is as strong as nemos dad, marvin
    sittin writin songs thinkin reminisincin
    rings so deep clean in karmas grip
    man she got me whipped, born dog year
    still i roll up on their crib
    let me slip pass security for reasons
    no one near to me can seem to believe
    taught you everything you know
    or atleast how to smoke some weed
    you light up the bowl, but not to eat
    matter of fact who taught you to roll? me
    of course i learned a thang or two to
    two plus two equals me and you
    oh im wrong? i would never let you lose
    i would never let you choose, cause you do you

    i dont know what to do
    but i dont give a fuck about you
    i dont know what to do
    but im still, in love with you

    lol check out my channel :p
    Mastah Fly 7 months ago
    meeeeeeeega track! deutsche soul_lyricks sollten darauf !!!!! ich gebe
    mein bestes!!! ;-) :-)
    Miguel Garcia 1 year ago
    Can I use this song for a experimental dancing? I'm doing some visuals for a Dancing Festival in Germany, is for a great cause, and totally non commercial... is a great song dude!!
    miguestanck 2 years ago
    Can I use this song to sing on my own? Sorry my English is little. I'm from Argentina and I liked so much this music. Great job! Genius!
    King Vis 2 years ago
    This just inspired me to do something similar, keep the good work! Kinda sounds like Musiq Soulchild's "Just Friends".
    Darcelle Wright 2 years ago
    can i use this plz its my first time time wrting a song and i would love to write a song on this, and if i get the chance i will record it and shear it with you xox
    Jay Frink 2 years ago
    Can I use this song for my website for class? I'm doing a soul food restaurant, but the restaurant isn't real. 
    Ángel Ruiz 2 years ago
    Hey! I just used this amazing beat for a song. It'd be included on my new mixtape (non-profit), I hope u don't mind! I'll give u credit.

    Thanks u, keep goin, amazin work!
    Nada Gamble 2 years ago
    Hey I love this! I write a little poetry and I sometimes sing them over instrumentals like this and I wanted to know if it's ok for me to use this in a video?
    Smiley 2 years ago
    This beat is amazing, im feeling it so hard, reminds me of a cold wet winters night in London being locked up inside all nice and warm kicked back and chillin !!