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      Right Beat Radio Blue
      by admin
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      jody rule 4 years ago
      brother can you build on this anymore? i mean 3 minutes and add some some more mike to it? couple of simple changes and let me loose on the beast? i am feelin this track and i would give it some serious attention. i been craving an opprtunity to work with some samples like this. and some maybe more obscure ones hola at me peace
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      Right Beat Radio Friday
      by admin
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      Dannykid8 12 months ago
      Yo it's Fry-day
      think imma get Hi-day
      my way or the highway
      master of truths, Aiwei (Io-way)
      either way today I will seize my moment
      hip hop's ku is here an I will over throw it
      Got my weed N my Light Jus missing one key component
      yueah my homies know it
      if Im lighting up we all glowing
      each man in the boat rowing
      shout out to my brother Rowan
      lights, action, now I best get to showing.
      Patrick Dunac 2 years ago
      Can I write to this and use this for a mixtape if I give you the credits for the beat? I won't be profiting of the mixtape, just uploading it for free download. Let me know?
      T.j. Scott 2 years ago
      Amazing. I cant help but sing every time i hear ya. Always the right beat!
      Joaquin Carrig 2 years ago
      I wake up in the morning as the soon as the sunlight hits my eye
      Reach over to the windowsill, check my phone to see if she replied

      I stare at the automated clock telling me its nine thirty five
      No new messages just my reflection telling me that I'm alive
      I let out a sigh

      But that's alright
      It's a brand new day, no sense in letting it go to waste
      You can't approach every situation with haste

      Especially when its a marathon and not a race
      So I put on some boxers, a t-shirt, and my happy face

      At least for awhile
      Ridin the CTA to Chicago, standin in the aisle
      Listenin' to Stevie Wonder, turnin up the volume dial

      With 25 dollar headphones keepin me in style
      Cause I don't need money provin' I'm worth the extra mile

      Fast forward
      Teacher writing on the white board
      But not because he was abhorred

      Just more important matters were needed to be addressed
      Like the simple fact that she was completely failing the eye test  
      Caught her looking at me like I was something real blessed
      You know Jesus walking on water miracle type impressed
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Partly Sunny
      Partly Sunny
      Partly Sunny
      by admin
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      Pemba Lama 3 years ago
      can i lay some vocals on it??...i wish to ryt sumthn positive for a change...feelin the Soul of the song..
      Carlos Martinez 3 years ago
      I've checked some of your awesome beats; still going to check some more. Keep up the good work! (:
      I don't know if you've heard Phora or Logic (rappers) I was wondering if you can do instrumentals like theirs? Like some underground hiphop beat w/ hook. Like if you listen to Logic ; some of his songs; he put the Great Dictator speech. Do you get me?
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      Hey, my bad for the late reply. Club type beat, sure! Can you give me an example song so I know what you need? Thanks
      ZenSavage 3 years ago
      oh this is so beautiful :) i love it. feeling so relaxed and good. loving the swinging piano motif. you have my subscription and i can't wait to hear more from you. keep up the great work.
      jmj0817 3 years ago
      Huge fan of your work. Can I use the instrumental in the song on my page called "Come On Over" for my mixtape project. Also would be so sick if you would check it out.
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      Right Beat Radio Saturday Night Music
      Saturday Night Music
      Saturday Night Music
      by admin
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      Sandro Bomio 3 years ago
      Dude, youre doing some crazy beats, every single beat is just fucking insane and flashes me like a sunrise ! xp
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      Elliot that is very cool of you. Thank you for letting me know that! This is the kind of thing that keeps me going. I'm glad you found me, take care!
      Elliot Burnstein 3 years ago
      Ive been a fan 4 a long time!!!!! An this is 1 tha moat original instrumentals ive EVER heard!!!!!! So happy i subscribed!!! So hard to find real hip hop beats in this "swag" an "yolo" generation.. 1 love frm tha 303!!! Keep em comein brotha!!!!
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      Right Beat Radio Saturday Soul
      Saturday Soul
      Saturday Soul
      by admin
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      Jody Rule 2 years ago
      Big big track. Bless my inbox bro, and I promise something epic in return. Happy new yr. I'm gonna get u n I working together, or u n borrowedbeats by theacousticcouch... Bless
      phillip rosario 2 years ago
      i love your work but i would like to see more dark beats from ya like hotel but alot of em you made i like the rock shit you do too you madd talented bra keep it up either way 100
      AssCandid 2 years ago
      Lol ignore that dude, ignorance is bliss.

      You keep coming from different angles with your beats & its great, don't take in his feedback & keep up the good work

      I'd love some kicks on this though ;)
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Soul Music
      Soul Music
      Soul Music
      by admin
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      Ari Jalokinos 2 months ago
      As smooth and lovable this tune might be but there is something wrong with the fingersnap timing. It is constantly slightly off. Just a bit. A nudge to back, a fraction of a second would probably fix this.
      CT yang 2 months ago
      3 am in the morning, im still mounrin
      got off the phone with you an hour after callin
      say love is easy if i was ballin
      my love is as strong as nemos dad, marvin
      sittin writin songs thinkin reminisincin
      rings so deep clean in karmas grip
      man she got me whipped, born dog year
      still i roll up on their crib
      let me slip pass security for reasons
      no one near to me can seem to believe
      taught you everything you know
      or atleast how to smoke some weed
      you light up the bowl, but not to eat
      matter of fact who taught you to roll? me
      of course i learned a thang or two to
      two plus two equals me and you
      oh im wrong? i would never let you lose
      i would never let you choose, cause you do you

      i dont know what to do
      but i dont give a fuck about you
      i dont know what to do
      but im still, in love with you

      lol check out my channel :p
      Mastah Fly 9 months ago
      meeeeeeeega track! deutsche soul_lyricks sollten darauf !!!!! ich gebe
      mein bestes!!! ;-) :-)
      Miguel Garcia 1 year ago
      Can I use this song for a experimental dancing? I'm doing some visuals for a Dancing Festival in Germany, is for a great cause, and totally non commercial... is a great song dude!!
      miguestanck 2 years ago
      Can I use this song to sing on my own? Sorry my English is little. I'm from Argentina and I liked so much this music. Great job! Genius!
      King Vis 2 years ago
      This just inspired me to do something similar, keep the good work! Kinda sounds like Musiq Soulchild's "Just Friends".
      Darcelle Wright 2 years ago
      can i use this plz its my first time time wrting a song and i would love to write a song on this, and if i get the chance i will record it and shear it with you xox
      Jay Frink 2 years ago
      Can I use this song for my website for class? I'm doing a soul food restaurant, but the restaurant isn't real. 
      Ángel Ruiz 2 years ago
      Hey! I just used this amazing beat for a song. It'd be included on my new mixtape (non-profit), I hope u don't mind! I'll give u credit.

      Thanks u, keep goin, amazin work!
      Nada Gamble 2 years ago
      Hey I love this! I write a little poetry and I sometimes sing them over instrumentals like this and I wanted to know if it's ok for me to use this in a video?
      Smiley 2 years ago
      This beat is amazing, im feeling it so hard, reminds me of a cold wet winters night in London being locked up inside all nice and warm kicked back and chillin !!
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio The Traffic Jam
      The Traffic Jam
      The Traffic Jam
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      hey boyz ! i'am a lover of your music and i went on your website to buy this one and found that you'aren't opened. i thought maybe we can do it here ..i need this beat to buy ...thanks friends :)
      Johnny Nawatani 5 years ago
      Nice smooth wicked time to kick it light up the bbq crack open a beer or two if it can't be repaired why even try to fix it