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    Coffee Shop
    Coffee Shop
    by admin
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    Jesse Lawrence 1 month ago
    Lets embark on this colorful journey dont worry probably from tha sight of ur eyes i might freeze up and die say u tha one like a duplicate u can get on my side like a number chick
    YungCityBoi415 3 years ago
    yo dis be funky
    I got yo girl sayin hump me
    got yo ass sayin don't jump me
    or throw me in the trunk b
    but I do, close tha lid and drop you off at skoo
    with mo blood den 3 gunshot wounds
    MrRain 3 years ago
    Start 0:32
    Yea its me,
    the boy from the backyard,
    i never understood why people act hard,
    i go to the coffee shop just to let my soul loose,
    i never did it with that grey goose so can you,
    i just sit there and let my mind unwind,
    almost like when you mind is in a bind,
    stuck between real and just in the mind,
    trying to be the one whose real of his time,
    buncedan 3 years ago
    hi there i was wondering if you would mind listening to my soundcloud as the first 5 tracks ( my latest ones) i have used your instrumentals and i would love to know what you think ?its kellytobin-bunce on soundcloudThankyou
    Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
    Thank you! I've been using Garage Band lately, but I've worked with all kinds of software and hardware. I really enjoy using GB now though.