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      Right Beat Radio Under My Bed
      Under My Bed
      Under My Bed
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Valexy Santiago 5 months ago
      Would you mind if I use this instrumental for a personal song please? You will be credited for the beat.
      Looney Tunez 5 months ago
      Hi I'm Looney Toonz and I want to use this instrumental for a tribute video for a friend of mine who was murdered a few months back
      A. David 1 year ago
      Hi, My name is A. David. I'm an up and coming Indie artist, and I would love to use this instrumental for a piece I was working on. This would be a profited project, so is there anyway to lease it?
      phillip rosario 2 years ago
      i love this who is on those vocals????? & what is the metaphor for underneath my bed is a rain coat i think i know i wanna get on this i just don't want to think it means this when it means something else??? but this a sick beat bra!
      Tristan Trust 2 years ago
      Please make more songs with vocals like this! Or even put vocals in verses and instrumental chorus
      Jody Rule 2 years ago
      i question an amazing sound as usual, could this have subtler drums? I would like to do something  with this. either way ncie job again bro. 

      Where is the vocaal sample from?