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    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Blaze A 50 Remix
      Blaze a 50
      Blaze A 50 Remix
      by admin
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      90's 2 years ago
      can i use this beat for my mixtape? my mixtape is not commercial
      YungCityBoi415 3 years ago
      bouta blaze a chop
      u blaze up tha rock
      even doe yo fam tell you to stop
      ignite the glock, yall watch it pop
      watch him drop, girls suck my cock
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Friday
      by admin
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      Dannykid8 11 months ago
      Yo it's Fry-day
      think imma get Hi-day
      my way or the highway
      master of truths, Aiwei (Io-way)
      either way today I will seize my moment
      hip hop's ku is here an I will over throw it
      Got my weed N my Light Jus missing one key component
      yueah my homies know it
      if Im lighting up we all glowing
      each man in the boat rowing
      shout out to my brother Rowan
      lights, action, now I best get to showing.
      Patrick Dunac 2 years ago
      Can I write to this and use this for a mixtape if I give you the credits for the beat? I won't be profiting of the mixtape, just uploading it for free download. Let me know?
      T.j. Scott 2 years ago
      Amazing. I cant help but sing every time i hear ya. Always the right beat!
      Joaquin Carrig 2 years ago
      I wake up in the morning as the soon as the sunlight hits my eye
      Reach over to the windowsill, check my phone to see if she replied

      I stare at the automated clock telling me its nine thirty five
      No new messages just my reflection telling me that I'm alive
      I let out a sigh

      But that's alright
      It's a brand new day, no sense in letting it go to waste
      You can't approach every situation with haste

      Especially when its a marathon and not a race
      So I put on some boxers, a t-shirt, and my happy face

      At least for awhile
      Ridin the CTA to Chicago, standin in the aisle
      Listenin' to Stevie Wonder, turnin up the volume dial

      With 25 dollar headphones keepin me in style
      Cause I don't need money provin' I'm worth the extra mile

      Fast forward
      Teacher writing on the white board
      But not because he was abhorred

      Just more important matters were needed to be addressed
      Like the simple fact that she was completely failing the eye test  
      Caught her looking at me like I was something real blessed
      You know Jesus walking on water miracle type impressed
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Joe
      by admin
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      Emanuel leal 2 years ago
      I wanna rhyme over this but I feel like people will say something because of "tupac-dear mama"
    • MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Piste de Réflexions
      Piste de Reflexions
      Piste de Réflexions
      by admin
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      U'are WELCOME 8 months ago
      hey this sounds really cool, is it ok can I use this music on my videos.
      If so, can i download it?
      phillip rosario 11 months ago
      i got a whole mixtape to your beats give me ya email i'll send it to you lol dope shit as always!
      Mr Talentless 11 months ago
      So happy to see you back. One of my top favorite instrumental makers. I was missing the dopeness. Welcome back!
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Reggae 130
      Reggae 130
      Reggae 130
      by admin
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      Kardo 1 year ago
      Sick track. Can I use this for a song I'm working on? I will give credit back to you. :)
      ghoulfolk 1 year ago
      this beat is off the chain. it reminds me of the best instrumentals from artists such as zero 7, air and gramatik. more of these please
      199fag 3 years ago
      es gratis? esta super bien.. me encanto! y me gustaria usarla para cantar! ;)
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Sweet Guitar Interlude
      Sweet Guitar Interlude
      Sweet Guitar Interlude
      by admin
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      GEzeTv 3 years ago
      Check my version of your beat Light it up man! It's called Celebrate!
    • MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Walking in the Rain
      Walking in the Rain
      Walking in the Rain
      by admin
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      hope you don't mind if i use some of these beats they fit lyrics and multiple styles of songs i like to do. Right Beat Radio you do a amazing job
      AJ Ford 3 years ago
      could you put a hip hop twist on this for me? I'm a fan, I'd love to hear how it sounds
      jessejoeyjames 3 years ago
      haha wow that was so weird to hear a dutch intro on this song man! The voices in the beginning. But amazing ;)
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      I actually had some drums that I put to this. But whenever I listened to it, I felt it so much more without the drums. So I worked it that way instead. But I totally feel where you're coming from. I have a few more ideas like this that include some drum work. Thanks a lot, Frank B.
      Josh Coates 3 years ago
      If this was somehow incorporated into image form, someone would no doubt be screaming PHOTOSHOPPED because this is unreal!
      Frank B. 3 years ago
      you should totally drop a hip hop version this instrumental...I can feel the vibe flowing and a beat kicking. But on it's own it's still totally funky. rifts are sick! keep it up. Love your stuff man, peace
      jody rule 3 years ago
      heaven sent to hide the shame im walkin in the rain again so many sins washed away the rain pours so comes dilution in society weakenin morals riskin even the sanctity of marriage becomin a thing on a dvd we're workin toward carnage no thanks to you and me this aint me i didnt do shit attitude aint gonna cut it we been doin it yrs its got us to here now EEER yeah wow so while your walkin in the rain again think even about the bit of litter u aint droppin or that tin your pickin up not kickin