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      Right Beat Radio .25 Sense
      .25 Sense
      .25 Sense
      by admin
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      nammu. 1 year ago
      yo if you get a chance check my page and soundcloud out homie, fully feeling this!

      Jamal Harrison 2 years ago
      Good to see you back on your grind. Used your beats for a few of my mixtapes in the past.
    • MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio 2 Minutes of Inspiration
      2 Minutes of Inspiration
      2 Minutes of Inspiration
      by admin
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      oZZokh games 1 year ago
      ty for the awesome song, here are my lyrics on it!


      Walking in a street, see a few people down a alley,
      a tally of ten, in all ways quite dally
      even though he was agressed, Verbally,
      he felt attracted to them.
      Just as you feel shabby
      after a few glasses of brandy

      He’s at his home, alone
      got a joint in his hand, homegrown
      He wished he could fly, but now hes stone
      through thin skin he can feel his hipbone
      he wants to smoke, but hes hungry,
      only one solution: postpone.

      news : Daughter turned nine
      He thought he was quite fine
      set off not seeing her,
      but then again he just had a glass of wine.
      he didn’t realize he missed his date with his valentine
      He really thought that in his life he’d shine!

      At work
      He’s got a nickname : jerk
      you always see ‘im shirking
      He refrained from using his dirk
      when learned he’s doing extra, un paid
      His boss is a nice guy
      who really does try
      maybe not an ally, but remember to say
      “Bye, bye!”

      they’re gone
      news is greeted with a yawn
      Outside the sky is orange with dawn.
      he imagines it, the exon
      wasted in a few precious years
      It’s drawn
      he’s on his lawn
      wonderin if he’s the king, or pawn.

      He remembers
      in the past; an inventor
      the feeling it engenders
      its terror
      passing in those cerebral messengers
      He thought he wasn’t a spender
      but looks like he just wasted an extra life.


      He had always felt those cameras
      As if his life was some sort of reality show
      every morning, all beau
      go “Wow” at the snow
      look at the dust and blow
      But in that case, who where the crew and the spectators below?!

      too late!
      all it did was punctuate
      perfect date,
      left with no hate
      it was only to elevate,
      To try and lose his weight!

      “I Hereby grant all my possessions
      to my wife and child.
      I had no obsessions,
      no great expression
      just let me leave this dimension”
      There is only one problem with what he said
      together they wed
      they joined heads,
      together they bred
      together made to shred
      together they tripped and tread
      all the way till zed,
      into their car and sped
      but they waited the future with dread
      but they stayed bulkheaded
      till that small thread.
      and now they’re dead.
      JesusZeuSRodriguez 3 years ago
      MAN.... This is very well put together. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into such good music. Keep up the good work.
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      Yeah, the Roots are a HUGE influence on my music. Funny you said that, I thought so myself. Thank you!
    • HOT!MP3
      Right Beat Radio Acoustics
      by admin
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      Hughie G 1 year ago
      try and be a little more creative.. sounds to much like another song bud.. and people saying it sounds like a metallica version isn't a compliment... it means make your own music. keep at it bud creativity is key
      curly shordy 1 year ago
      he was like there's no one loyal baby girl I need someone to spoil,its low key rare because no one cares,but when I give it my all you push me away and let tears fall from my face, ooh these memories I wanna erase,but listen if u let me hold u close and live u the most I'll be your super man,I will hold your hand to the very end ,I love you I love you I hate you,I'm so damn fed u I am making a scene to impersonate you,please come home I can't take it I pretended but I faked it,yh in that I lied but I'm not that kind of guy I'm the one in Innocent disguise, I lied I lied I lied but you know I love deep deep down I just wanna shove you,when the waters deep enough I'd really be luck damn all this confusion in my head and in my heart...these fuckin illusions,you so sweet and kind baby lately I been addicted to tweetin and signs,you broke my heart and now its bleeding some,how you played superman but then gone ask to be best friends,saying that you've got my heart in your hand funny thing is you ain't even my man,you told me best friends are better than gfs,baby boy ain't one of these stupid ass trends,once I told u he said I'm sorry baby come over so we can cuddle and and unfold u,I been there thick and thin but u wanna sat its a win for win,is that why u downgraded oop no shade but u nearly made it,love lies and hate comes in play,love lies and hate every day,love lies and hate yep we on the same page he asked shat page I picked up my heart and three at his fuckin face:/
      NandiCovers 1 year ago
      I'm doing a mash-up of two songs for my cover channel and I would love to used this instrumental it's beautiful.
      JACKMAN SID 1 year ago
      hello i need your instrumental cause im singer can you send a yes or no pleas thx ;)
      ChrisKsan 2 years ago
      What tools have you used for the drums? Software/hardware? I love the whole package, but I'm especially interested in that clean kick. Can you advise? Thank you.
      Damion Monaghan 2 years ago
      I'm tired of Hip Hop marring poetry and I am now starting to collect an influence pool, this is awesome thanks for the inspiration, subscribed and hooked
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Bamboo
      by admin
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      Bill Mantooth 6 months ago
      Really do enjoy your tracks, great mixes...don't do anything professionally just enjoy making music and your tracks are great to work with. Saw where they were free to use for non-profit, I wasn't sure how to properly credit you but, came up with these additions to your track and wanted to give you a listen, if I've overstepped your intended purpose for these tracks let me know and I'll remove it from soundcloud, just do it for fun. Thanks Bill
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Camp
      by admin
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      Evan Thielen 4 years ago
      They say dreams are free so reach out and take it But I don't accept hand outs cuz I've already made it I'm fading in and out of consciousness, I became the bottles bitch Wake up the next morning trying to figure out what the fuck did I miss.
      jody rule 4 years ago
      here we go again im on catch up, buzzin off my nut n you are uploadin = no sleep tonight thanks bro
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Changes
      by admin
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      Phil Rizk 2 weeks ago
      Everytime I see your face I cry,
      Everytime I hear your voice I die,
      TyDe 1995 2 weeks ago
      had alot of times
      had alot of memories
      done alot of crimes
      till i ran out of energy
      knew if i kept doin it
      it woulda been the end of me
      had to go revaluate livin free
      goddamn barely started hittin me
      if i woulda overdosed and died
      people woulda been missin me
      but nobody would ever truly know my history
      listen to my music and learn what is to me
      they told me, nothing in life is ever guaranteed so
      they're gonna sit back and watch mine tear in 3 slow
      but i never had time for those kinda people
      too bad life doesnt come with cheat codes
      it doesnt even with a guranteed sequel
      still keepin an open mind, people are judging me though
      cause everybodys either runnin in reverse or stuck on repeat mode
      gather in churches but never practice what they speak yo

      i take a breath take it in watchin it all
      doesnt make sense, its almost like they wanted to fall
      as a kid had alot of dreams then they started droppin the ball
      trill_dae TV 2 weeks ago
      Must we leave can we stay
      I love the way you say my name
      Is this the end can i come back to you
      Trying to fix all the issues idk idk why i can't say the truth
      I've been having my fun
      Not worried about you trying to keep my distance
      Trying to live and i realize that i want you but now you're away
      Awayyy away awayyyy away awayyyy away i wanna be with you but you're away
      sheldon halladay 2 weeks ago
      Going through these changes
      Takin in all these new sensations
      Through open eyes of the sages
      I close my eyes begin my meditations
      All these kids on medications, take
      Their minds with false educations
      Arga 3 months ago
      Bro can i use your beat for instgram i'm not gonna monetize it if you agree with this i'll notifi you in my instagram , hopefull you agree
      Thanks bro i like your beats
      Oasis_ URN 5 months ago
      was wondering if i could use this its a beautiful instrumental lmk asap please
      Luna Kiwatila 5 months ago
      why does this sound almost exactly like Blended Family by Alicia Keys? coincidence? this was released 2012, Blended family in 2016..
      Chris Black 8 months ago
      Please, please, please! Tell me if this is yours or not. I heard a version of this a while ago and fell in love with it and it sounded almost exactly like this but there was more instrumentation or something. Either way, I KNOW this isn't the only variation of this so please! Please tell me where to find the original or modified version of this. I'll pay you guys
      Jesse Jacobus 11 months ago
      Hey dude thankyou so much for this fantastic work of art that you uploaded, can i use it for non-profit & give you credit?
      강병민 11 months ago
      비트 좀 사용해도 될까요? Can I use this Beat? Just Mixtape
      DublupZ 1 year ago

      Im sick of all your lies, sick off all your alibis
      Sick of all your fights, sick of all your advice
      Tonight is the night imma leave your side
      No longer are you messing with my mind

      All the cheating and the all lies, you’d try to hide
      Thinking the whole time, i was walking blind
      Well its time, for you to say your goodbyes
      No longer am i sticking by your side

      I know the cheating is a fact
      Cause i caught you in the act
      Cant believe you was fucking behind my back
      Its time for you to pack and never come back

      I wish i had more trust in you, i really do
      But its kinda hard when i busted you
      Im not saying i don’t believe you
      Its just so many people have told me to leave you
      JustineCanSing 1 year ago
      Loving the Rhythm and beat of this !! Would I be able too use this for a song I am writing I will make sure too give you credit and a link on the Memo.
    • HOT!MP3
      Right Beat Radio Clocks
      by admin
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      Habla Varon 2 years ago
      Your beats are dope asss hell! Congrats! Do you mind if i write a song on this beat? I will give you credits for it!
      Nic Nelson 3 years ago
      Waking life is a dreamstate when my footsteps in the sand, erase-wash away like the drugs in her hand. Call her Alice; when we're mad here, when we're anything but sad here, When I fell through the hole I just gripped to her hand. Pass the portal to the left, aperture is feelin right, drowning bottles of the medicine, gone for the night. Waking life is a dream state with you with me these days, weed hazed weekdays hit the replay
      Jus2WTFBBQx 3 years ago
      This is pretty ill this :) Keep up the work! Can I use this for none profit use? Credit will go to you for the beat of course!
      jimmyjihad420 3 years ago
      I swear every one of your beats i listen to is mad inspirational. Get me free styling every time
      Dee Collinz 4 years ago
      Hey I was just wondering if I could use this beat I need another sound a new one and this beat is perfect I will give you full credit please and thank you
      Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
      Nice man I like that! That sounds cool and I do appreciate that. Can't wait to hear! I totally agree, we gotta feel good. So I'm here to help! Have fun man, and I'll check you out, too!
      DIGIHENDRIX3000 4 years ago
      your boy yardi black is going to def push the hell out of your beats brother and full credit you of course..beautiful positivity in music...this is what life is meant to be and love..check my page sometime love.
    • HOT!MP3
      Right Beat Radio Every Day is the Same Thing
      Every Day Is the Same Thing
      Every Day is the Same Thing
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Mason Powell 10 months ago
      can I use this for a song. I will totally give u credits on the beat and have a link to your site.
      paul onwuachi 1 year ago
      Please I'm i allowed to use this instrumental to wright a song i just love it...MPiece
      King Zody 1 year ago
      Hey I just purchased a WAV format of the beat from your website and have not received it yet.
      Zody Fresh 1 year ago
      I want to buy a lease to this, I am an artist writing a song for my 10 yr high school reunion
      paul onwuachi 1 year ago
      Hi my name is MPiece great work wud love to flow to this beat who sud i give credit to and where do i get the mp3...cheers
      Buddy Dimes 2 years ago
      How is this beta set up? like chorus verse chorus or what? its a great beat but its hard to tell.
      JOE MACK_ADO 2 years ago
      Hey this is what i called a real beat. I started to listened it and I could felt the music its just amazing!!! Two thumbs up!!!
      TheKyleStyles 2 years ago
      Quick Question -- If I have purchased this on your website, and given credit.. is putting the track on iTunes allowed? 
      ScrapdTV 2 years ago
      Good beat, im looking to do a song to this is there anyway you could email the mp3? As if i convert the quality of the beat is affected? Thank you
      Ras Taze 2 years ago
      very !!! good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
      my voice recording do again~
      timmertjeee 2 years ago
      Your work is appreciated.
      keep it going ! Bless From a Lonely Smoker in Amsterdam
      BCB Messi 3 years ago
      bonjour je suis très bien intéresser par l’instrumental   j'aimerais bien  chanter déçue si tu le veux bien ? 
      RookE2011 3 years ago
      Could I please use this? I don't know when but I promise I'll give you credit
    • HOT!MP3
      Right Beat Radio Feels Like Forever
      Feels Like Forever
      Feels Like Forever
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      2k11ro 1 year ago
      man I wrote a crazy song to this beat recorded it and only question is if I wanted to put this on the radio what would I have to do?
      Indie Puppet 1 year ago
      i am happy the voice is in there!!!!!!!!! ive made lyrics XDDDDDDDDDD im so happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      gta .playboy 2 years ago
      you know i'am beach guy talk to me girl i know you need me now i'am lonely as you tear write to steel i'am new i see beauty like snow
      EZEE KEYS 2 years ago
      sounds cool but the guitar and vocals are from aren't you clever witch is a sample project that comes with FLS basically all you did was cut her voice and add kicks and claps, im not knockin you but maybe you should give the original artist a little bit of credit
      Mason Scott 2 years ago
      That guitar loop is in FL Studio. Fkin impossible to loop properly, and get to swag with the right BPM - GJ
      Karma Blithe 2 years ago
      Does anyone have the guitar chords for this beat? I can't wait to play this <333
      Roche De Bruyn 3 years ago
      Thanx for helping our band we did a rap collaboration with your song check it out Crossbone Sirens. We were inspired by you and yr music
      bigandred2009 3 years ago
      Hey Mike Anthony,

      Awesome track right here you really killed it.

      I wrote a song to this beat and am really into it. If I uploaded a video of me rapping over the top of it to youtube or showed the audio to others is that alright? I wouldn't be using it for any profit but just to get my lyrics and flow out there.

      Hit me back ASAP cheers.

      p.s keep up the good work.
      Filip Lagerkvist 3 years ago
      I've got these samples myself.. someone who made use of them and made a good is russian rapper Max Korzh /watch?v=DovotVh8qUk
      DemoDog502 3 years ago

      Really diggin' this track, man. Is it available for purchase? Hit me back!

    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio House Music
      House Music
      House Music
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
      Yeah you're right! I can try to minimize that issue before recording the beat. I'll just have to listen closer next time. :) Thanks dog!
      jody rule 4 years ago
      man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i aint saying a word this time ... and the fret noise utilize the sound, do a new video a live one with you in it and get a live feel and advertise it as a live track its awseome, warnings will stop people puttin too loud in there ears.
      4 years ago
      You, should do a beat making video. For real.
      Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
      Hey, you're right. The noise is from the fingers moving across the frets and in some places it can get a little loud. I can try to do better the next time. You can try using an eq on the high end or running it through a filter to get those extreme highs out of it. Thanks for letting me know!
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio I Dont Mind
      I Don't Mind
      I Dont Mind
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Keviи 2 years ago
      After all, a very amazing job man, can you upload a version without the hook?, will help me so much, Thanks.
      Fucking Psycho 2 years ago
      I search the hip hop beat of this song for a long time - can I use for my private song? ...It's for my girlfriend <3 ^^  
      Ian Fiq 3 years ago
      Hey man! I love your work! Is it possible for me to use some of your songs inside a video Im making for my school? will be very much appreciated if you can reply as soon as possible. :)
      jody rule 4 years ago
      done and smashed brother n on some buzz off it ty w w w . soundcloud . com/jodyrule/im-a-dreamer
      jody rule 4 years ago
      bro i got something for this! the words are a cover so i think this is gonna be a mash up! hope you dont mind think its fitting! and i loveit you have helped a brother n wont even realise with this one! i wanna talk bout this one with you! listen out
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Je ne suis pas mort
      Je ne suis pas mort
      Je ne suis pas mort
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Flannel Fishing 5 months ago
      I thought this was great, I'm a big fan of the original song! Do you have other similar songs?

      I used this in one of my fishing videos, hopefully that's cool with you. I'll make sure to list your channel!
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Nineteen Eighty Four
      Nineteen Eighty Four
      Nineteen Eighty Four
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      jessejoeyjames 4 years ago
      My mixtape just dropped and this beat is on it. I made a song against Racism for it, hope some of you can check it out. it's called "Jesse Joey James - History Class" Also making a music video for it, Big shout out to Rightbeatradio one of the best producers with these smooth beats
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Oceanview
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Anthony Morán 4 years ago
      Hi from Basque Country! I dont know if this beat is free or not, if this is free really thanks! U have done a really good job, maybe I´m gonna use this to do a song. Bless ;)
    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Transparency
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      You Can Use Them And Give All Credit To You ? +Right Beat Radio :O Message Me Let Me Know :D We Can Start Something :)
      Paul Thompson 3 years ago
      Told I was never gonna make it - how many people have heard that before - before you walked out the door.
      Told me I was worthless - how many times must you say it - before it escalates
      I believed all your words - they kept me quiet in the shadows for much too long
      The damage was already done - gave me a resilience I had all along
      but Im thankful - thankful for what Ive become
      strong and determined - to me Im number one
      found my feet - found my soul along the way
      a smile I never knew - thats something you cant take away.....

      How can we ever - express the way we truly feel
      silence among the noise - given the chance we wield
      the power to give life or death
      words hold the key
      to the wealth of happiness...
      kazim fermin 3 years ago
      good work on the beats man im loving them! got one on soundcloud at the moment :) feel free to check it out
      Bhebhe 3 years ago
      yO love yOur stuff, what's the arrangement for this beat?
      Dliso Zulu 3 years ago
      Your Music Is Amazing Man!...Dude do you mind if i use some of your beats for a mixtape?...
      DJ Johnson 4 years ago
      Take a look at what I did with the beat. Track is titled "From The Jump." Appreciate it, man.
      Kaikoa Parker 4 years ago
      all your beats are dope in there own way! hella sick. Keep up the creative works. They are refreshing!
    • HOT!MP3
      Right Beat Radio Tuesday
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      MC Xcalibre 4 years ago
      Ok now it is making me cry lol i know it sounds gay but i can really feel the emotion in this song, pardon my french but this is fucking brilliant, i will have my fiance in tears when she hears this lol
      MC Xcalibre 4 years ago
      I have one word for this song........ BEAUTIFUL! Its song like these that inspire you the second you hear them play, I can't wait to write something to this bad boy, i may even try to sing too lol Keep up the good work, you have made me a fan!
    • MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Would You?
      Would You?
      Would You?
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Fymega 2 months ago
      Dude, I don't think i ever told you this, but your acoustic reworkings are always freaking magical. Really, really beautiful work here. Especially the last half of the song. Incredibly serene. I don't really have any criticism for this one, really great job. Makes me want to finally finish my song on your It's Just Jealousy beat. :D

      Also, I really gotta check out Liza Anne now, her voice is so beautiful and emotive. Have you ever checked out PJ Bond or Emily Barker? They could really be in your wheelhouse.^^