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      Right Beat Radio Motions
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      dusty richter 4 years ago
      Once again man my style of instrumental gosh I wish I had you as a producer so inspiring
      Joann Hunter-Kemp 4 years ago
      Hi! The beat is kickin'. If you'd like to hear the original writers/performers of "Motions of Love", you can on SoundCloud and YouTube. We're SOUTHERN SILK DUO. Thanks for "workin' it"
      zyonik 'mc 4 years ago
      E 'can use this beat as it is or in whole is protected by copyright? Thank you.
      Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
      Hey! You're more than welcome to use this on YouTube. I thank you for asking me. I hope you had fun! Send me that response so I can dd it to my playlist and check it out. Thanks again!
      Mat Mole 5 years ago
      Do you mind if i use this? cause im loving it! I'll give you credit.
      Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
      @MCAJOfficial Well it depends on the beat. This time I used FL Studio 10 to make this. I'm still learning FL so I have a long way to go. I'm in love with hardware so it's a bit different. :)