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      Right Beat Radio The Soul Song
      The Soul Song
      The Soul Song
      by admin
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      Ade Kin 4 years ago
      ola man soy de mexico y me gusto esta istrumental me dejarias ocuparla mandame tu respuesta o agregame a mi facebook porfabor: :Mc Antonio Antonio Hernandez (Mc Antonio)
      4 years ago
      For what comes next there is no happy ending Life's a fuckin' roller coaster I'm so sick of bending Round the turns and back again Just to get stabbed in the back Sick of bein' treated like a piece of shit In actual fact I'm sick of everything I'm sick of breathing I give up this is it I'm leaving
      4 years ago
      Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone Sometimes I feel like I'm in a broken home Sometimes I feel like the worlds out to get me And sometimes I feel like my mates let me Down all the time Cause who's a friend if they ain't there When you need em and you are down all the time When you need a shoulder to steady your steps When you breakin' down and fakin' a smile soon as you get Out of the comfort zone in other words outta ya bedroom I don't think that the world will be prepared soon
      João Rodrigues 4 years ago
      I would like to use a beat for my album. On my album is all original and will be for sale in stores.
      Bdog1277 5 years ago
      No problem dude! That's some damn good work you did there bro! I let my girl hear it today and she loved it! Like I said, it's just a mellow groove, not sad at all.
      Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
      Yeah true, at first I thought it sounded sad but you all have convinced me its just mellow lol. So cool man thanks a lot for writing to me. Enjoy!
      Bdog1277 5 years ago
      Man that's awesome! Has a great feel to it. Not really sad but more so mellow and relaxing.
      RexxBeats 5 years ago
      this goes in its nice smooth and mellow i'd appreciate it if you came and checked my music out