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 1 Page Letter
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 Before I Shoot
 Best Friend
 Better Believe It
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 Black and Blue
 Blaze A 50 Remix
 Blues on a Wednesday
 Boy Wonder
 Brave Hearted
 Caffeine Free
 Check The Temperature
 Come Back Home
 Come Closer
 Come Upstairs
 Crashing Down
 Creepin On Ya
 Dead End
 Dear John
 Different Strokes
 Dont Cry
 Dont Let Go
 Dont Look Back
 Dont Shoot!
 Dream Boat
 Dream Catcher
 Drop a Jewel On Em
 Electric Avalanche
 Every Day is the Same Thing
 Every Ghetto
 Everythings Strange
 Fast Life
 Feels Like Forever
 Feels So Good
 Flight Risk
 Flying Machine
 Fresh Eyes
 From the East
 Funky Little Me
 Give It Up
 Hey, Cutie!
 House Music
 I Dont Mind
 In The AM
 Incredible MCs
 Interstate Love
 It Aint Hard to Tell
 Je ne suis pas mort
 Jupiter Love
 Just Chill
 Just Dont Listen
 Just Sliding By
 Light It Up
 Loading Zone
 Long Distance
 Lose Control
 Major Biz
 Mato Grosso
 Midsummer Night Dream
 Milk Shake
 Mind My Control
 Moon Walkers
 Move Something Remix
 Mr. Sincere
 Ms. Dj
 My Wind Down Song
 New York Minute
 New York!
 Nineteen Eighty Four
 Nothing 2 Hold On To
 Old School Remix
 Old Soul
 On My Way to Enfield
 One Beverage or Two
 One Nine Nine Nine Remix
 One Of These Days
 One, Two
 Paper Planes
 Paris House
 Partly Sunny
 Passin Me By
 Piste de Réflexions
 Play the Game
 Prescribe The Vibe
 Put Me Down
 Red Lights
 Revolutionary Rawkus
 Right Side
 Roots of Labor
 Saturday Night Music
 Sauvignon Blanc Interlude
 School Street
 Second Sunday
 Seven Days
 She Said You Wish
 Sing for Me
 Slow Down
 Smile For Me
 So Fly!
 So Many Places
 Step Into My Zone
 Street Walkers
 Summer Groove
 Super Fly
 Take Care of Me
 Textbook Stuff
 The 70s Kid
 The Life Behind Me
 The Mad Hatter
 The Midnight Mistake
 The Ride
 The Soul Song
 The Sound My 808 Makes
 The Traffic Jam
 Thoughts Of Many
 Thyme Laps
 Try My Best
 Turntables and Tequila
 Untamed, Untitled, Unfinished
 Way Up There
 Welcome To My Freak Show
 Whats Going On
 When I See You
 Who Cares
 Would You?
 Wrong Number
 You Got It Bad
 You Just Know
 You Look Familiar
 Youre the Man Remix

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  • HOT!MP3
    Right Beat Radio .25 Sense
    .25 Sense
    .25 Sense
    by admin
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    nammu. 1 year ago
    yo if you get a chance check my page and soundcloud out homie, fully feeling this!

    Jamal Harrison 2 years ago
    Good to see you back on your grind. Used your beats for a few of my mixtapes in the past.
    Right Beat Radio 1 Page Letter
    1 Page Letter
    1 Page Letter
    by admin
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    NoBreakz 3 years ago
    started out writing just for fun, one ryhme, one beat just 1 paged letter to take away the heat, to make my thoughts at ease
    didnt have no paper so the KEYboard was my releef
    releasing letters from my mind
     in abundance i started to preach
    from my lips words flew free
    before i knew it my first track was released
    tellin the story how it is and how it changes, 4 years ago i didnt have a clue
    bout how a 1 page letter could change me
    strangely i saw the shackles that held me, so now i write to embace the inspireation that hip hop gave me
    it alliviates, like a respirator it helps me regenerate
    it is my way to communicate thru words i become illuminated
    do not be afriad to be hated, dare to be diffrent as you are,
    stand out in the crowed and reach far
    Emanuel leal 3 years ago
    Man I would love for this to be longer, I love ur work keep doing what u do, and check out my stuff, I'll use some of ur stuff soon so keep in touch!! Peace!!
    3 years ago
    This would be great for an online cypher, think about it
    xXJDRxInfinitoXx 3 years ago
    Best believe I'm gonna use this beat to write that one letter to a certain someone in a few.. love it keep it up Mike
    CashiousDray 3 years ago
    I've been thinking about writing a song about writing the song I'm spittin and this beat could work. Dope shit
    Right Beat Radio 16 Stories
    16 Stories
    16 Stories
    by admin
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    Doza Mc Official 2 years ago
    this is realy dope bro! i am using it as an outro track in my non-profit mixtape in Albania! I will send you a demo to listen! i hope you dont mind! my thanks
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio 2 Minutes of Inspiration
    2 Minutes of Inspiration
    2 Minutes of Inspiration
    by admin
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    oZZokh games 1 year ago
    ty for the awesome song, here are my lyrics on it!


    Walking in a street, see a few people down a alley,
    a tally of ten, in all ways quite dally
    even though he was agressed, Verbally,
    he felt attracted to them.
    Just as you feel shabby
    after a few glasses of brandy

    He’s at his home, alone
    got a joint in his hand, homegrown
    He wished he could fly, but now hes stone
    through thin skin he can feel his hipbone
    he wants to smoke, but hes hungry,
    only one solution: postpone.

    news : Daughter turned nine
    He thought he was quite fine
    set off not seeing her,
    but then again he just had a glass of wine.
    he didn’t realize he missed his date with his valentine
    He really thought that in his life he’d shine!

    At work
    He’s got a nickname : jerk
    you always see ‘im shirking
    He refrained from using his dirk
    when learned he’s doing extra, un paid
    His boss is a nice guy
    who really does try
    maybe not an ally, but remember to say
    “Bye, bye!”

    they’re gone
    news is greeted with a yawn
    Outside the sky is orange with dawn.
    he imagines it, the exon
    wasted in a few precious years
    It’s drawn
    he’s on his lawn
    wonderin if he’s the king, or pawn.

    He remembers
    in the past; an inventor
    the feeling it engenders
    its terror
    passing in those cerebral messengers
    He thought he wasn’t a spender
    but looks like he just wasted an extra life.


    He had always felt those cameras
    As if his life was some sort of reality show
    every morning, all beau
    go “Wow” at the snow
    look at the dust and blow
    But in that case, who where the crew and the spectators below?!

    too late!
    all it did was punctuate
    perfect date,
    left with no hate
    it was only to elevate,
    To try and lose his weight!

    “I Hereby grant all my possessions
    to my wife and child.
    I had no obsessions,
    no great expression
    just let me leave this dimension”
    There is only one problem with what he said
    together they wed
    they joined heads,
    together they bred
    together made to shred
    together they tripped and tread
    all the way till zed,
    into their car and sped
    but they waited the future with dread
    but they stayed bulkheaded
    till that small thread.
    and now they’re dead.
    JesusZeuSRodriguez 3 years ago
    MAN.... This is very well put together. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into such good music. Keep up the good work.
    Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Yeah, the Roots are a HUGE influence on my music. Funny you said that, I thought so myself. Thank you!
  • MP3
    Right Beat Radio A Few Words (Intro)
    A Few Words (Intro)
    by admin
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    JONEZize 5 years ago
    woah, mad dope. kinda remind me of nujabes, counting stars" before the beat drops still dope.
    Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @kinichpacal23 Nice, accidentally removed my last comment. I had said yes you're right! Great sample material. I actually have a few more pieces I'd like to throw in a beat soon from this same song. So we'll see if that comes together. Hope you liked my version. Later!
    Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @wokeandtoke Much love to you, too! You can use any beat you hear on this page. If you don't see a download link for it, let me know and i'll provide one for you. Have fun!
    Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @Asp3c1al Oh man, I'd have to dig through my archive which is pretty extensive at this point. The sample was super short and was buried way deep into the original song. I just happened to listen at the right moment. It was a spanish guitar song, very beautiful work. ♥
    arkyve31 6 years ago
    damn i really impressed with all that i've heard in the past few days from you
  • MP3
    Right Beat Radio A Legend Never Dies
    A Legend Never Dies
    A Legend Never Dies
    by admin
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    Martwan Gunter 3 years ago
    Nice beat of course, and I'm gonna second the request for that samba beat of brazil/hip hop mix
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio Abstract!
    by admin
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    Right Beat Radio has held the featured video slot on the related videos list perpetually for the last few weeks. I have now finally bothered to click one of its videos. 

    From Booker T. and the M.G.'s, perhaps the best instrumental artists of all time, I come to this... I am not pleased.

    I am Dislike #5, and you shall suffer my wrath.
    alien8art. 4 years ago
    Could i use your songs on some of my vids if i give u credit in my descriptions? plus i will put u in my sub box!
    Brainiac BWK 4 years ago
    this is really clean bro excellent work i really like it man keep doin your thang!
    App Store 4 years ago
    Vote for this video in the music video charts! BE SEEN - BE HEARD - BE REWARDED
  • HOT!MP3
    Right Beat Radio Acoustics
    by admin
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    Randylloydmusic 11 months ago
    Good day I consider that this beat is great and it have the capability to be a hit song, with whoever is using it to sing or rap on. keep up the soundly work. I love it
    Hughie G 1 year ago
    try and be a little more creative.. sounds to much like another song bud.. and people saying it sounds like a metallica version isn't a compliment... it means make your own music. keep at it bud creativity is key
    me & a friend used this a while back for a song called if i try, still love to come back to the instrumental just to listen to that beautiful melody
    Adeel Neakakhta 1 year ago
    Hi I am Adeel Neakakhtar and I am a composer and singer and but I need some beats. Can I use yours. Credits will be given to you. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee
    curly shordy 1 year ago
    he was like there's no one loyal baby girl I need someone to spoil,its low key rare because no one cares,but when I give it my all you push me away and let tears fall from my face, ooh these memories I wanna erase,but listen if u let me hold u close and live u the most I'll be your super man,I will hold your hand to the very end ,I love you I love you I hate you,I'm so damn fed u I am making a scene to impersonate you,please come home I can't take it I pretended but I faked it,yh in that I lied but I'm not that kind of guy I'm the one in Innocent disguise, I lied I lied I lied but you know I love deep deep down I just wanna shove you,when the waters deep enough I'd really be luck damn all this confusion in my head and in my heart...these fuckin illusions,you so sweet and kind baby lately I been addicted to tweetin and signs,you broke my heart and now its bleeding some,how you played superman but then gone ask to be best friends,saying that you've got my heart in your hand funny thing is you ain't even my man,you told me best friends are better than gfs,baby boy ain't one of these stupid ass trends,once I told u he said I'm sorry baby come over so we can cuddle and and unfold u,I been there thick and thin but u wanna sat its a win for win,is that why u downgraded oop no shade but u nearly made it,love lies and hate comes in play,love lies and hate every day,love lies and hate yep we on the same page he asked shat page I picked up my heart and three at his fuckin face:/
    NandiCovers 1 year ago
    I'm doing a mash-up of two songs for my cover channel and I would love to used this instrumental it's beautiful.
    JACKMAN SID 1 year ago
    hello i need your instrumental cause im singer can you send a yes or no pleas thx ;)
    ChrisKsan 2 years ago
    What tools have you used for the drums? Software/hardware? I love the whole package, but I'm especially interested in that clean kick. Can you advise? Thank you.
    Damion Monaghan 2 years ago
    I'm tired of Hip Hop marring poetry and I am now starting to collect an influence pool, this is awesome thanks for the inspiration, subscribed and hooked
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio All About Us
    All About Us
    All About Us
    by admin
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    Jonah Price 3 years ago
    Finally! Thanks so much, I've been completely writer's blocked for a week or so now. Finally broke out. Your inspiration gave me inspiration. Haha, Thanks!
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio Angel
    by admin
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    Armstrong Chikava 4 years ago
    This is heaps chilled out man, I wrote to one of your beats. Would appreciate it of you checked it out
    Mike Burners 4 years ago
    Mike another musical emotion evoking instrumental! Yes Sir!! Video is official. U know fire on deck sir!
    jeremiah bell 4 years ago
    man i love this beat a lot, as soon as i put the song on the beat that give me i send it to you,but god i love this one i love to get this man,the more i hear it am falling love with it, you of to send me this one
  • HOT!MP3
    Right Beat Radio Baltimore
    by admin
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    EnsoUnoTV 2 years ago
    Just made a song on this awesome beat dawg... is there a problem if i upload it to vevo, itunes and shazam?

    Thank you fella!
    Resa Swork 2 years ago
    Thanks for finally sharing this, Mike! It's great, as all your beats are! _Resa
    dust 2 years ago
    What must I do for some rights to this instrumental? I love it, and would enjoy using it. Send me an email?
    Right Beat Radio Bamboo
    by admin
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    Bill Mantooth 7 months ago
    Really do enjoy your tracks, great mixes...don't do anything professionally just enjoy making music and your tracks are great to work with. Saw where they were free to use for non-profit, I wasn't sure how to properly credit you but, came up with these additions to your track and wanted to give you a listen, if I've overstepped your intended purpose for these tracks let me know and I'll remove it from soundcloud, just do it for fun. Thanks Bill
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio Batteries
    by admin
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    Sandro Bomio 3 years ago
    Good shit again dude, you're beats need a time of habitation but that's what makes them so interesting, a lot of changings, sick drums, nice melodies. When you start feeling all these things at once then it takes you onto a wave, dude fucking insane, pls more XD *sry for badass english im swiss xd
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio Beam Monsta
    Beam Monsta
    Beam Monsta
    by admin
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  • MP3
    Right Beat Radio Becky
    by admin
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  • MP3
    Right Beat Radio Before I Shoot
    Before I Shoot
    Before I Shoot
    by admin
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    Jae Woody 5 years ago
    one of the greatest producers ive heard by far on the tube send me an inbox broo
    Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @Jzoe101 Yeah, you actually have to right-click on the download button and Save Link As... That should download the mp3 file for you. I have to find out an easier way to download. Thanks!
  • MP3
    Right Beat Radio Best Friend
    Best Friend
    Best Friend
    by admin
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    mg2010ism 2 years ago
    I think thats nice,nice to remember on times ,like a youngstar....can i use this beat with th great melody
  • MP3WAV
    Right Beat Radio Better Believe It
    Better Believe It
    Better Believe It
    by admin
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