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    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Chat So Much
      Chat So Much
      Chat So Much
      by admin
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      Ze Don 1 week ago
      Could you please send this beat to me for non profit use?wessinc1@gmail.comThanks
      Thee Rockney 6 months ago
      like di dancehall reggae feel!! it bad nah lie ..wanna do something on it though... I'll give credits... can I?
      Danny Dapper 11 months ago
      feeling this. started writing to it as soon as it came through the speakers.. nice vibe man
    • MP3
      Right Beat Radio Dont Let Go
      Don't Let Go
      Dont Let Go
      by admin
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      Jody Rule 2 years ago
      Hey Bro.
      I have done an acoustic track with the words inspired by thus track.

      Though it I'd like to try stoll put them tour track.
      Title don't you let go :-)
      Merry Christmas n ty for the inspiration as ever... Lots of new beats too as I'm trying your skill out.
      SoundArtProjekt 2 years ago
      Hi from Germany - very great Instrumental Song - I like this Piano Sound - great Play & Beats - nice day
      Jody Rule 2 years ago
      Bu the time I finished listening fir third time I finished lyrics. Two verse a pre n a hook. And room for bars if someone wanted. Just ask for my lyrics, with a link to ur works ladies n reply in bar firm to my writing... I'm telling u b sick. On theme of not letting go n love. From me to who? Blessed
      Jody Rule 2 years ago
      Just wrote to this. Would u send me a copy privately Bro il send it u once vocal melody works n keep it private