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    • HOT!MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Folk Love
      Folk Love
      Folk Love
      by admin
      Hi! Thanks so much! Yes, you may use this music for your commercial. We only require that you credit Right Beat Radio for the music. Check out our license page for more details. Otherwise, have fun!
      Hi, great hit! Can I use for a commercial via internet? thank you! I canĀ“t see the value to get the licence. thanks!
      Leigh Apple 4 months ago
      i want to use this in my wedding video but i dont know how to save it on my computer so i can add it i to the video editing program? any ideas?
      Emilly Silva 2 years ago
      Hi there, really liked your track. Can I buy it somewhere? Or get a link to download it legally?
      jody rule 3 years ago
      Anyone interested in feedbacking my work in progress with this superb track can do so by, searching for jodyrule on either soundcloud or reverbnation its called hey how r you
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      That would be great man. I'm all for any ideas any of you want to share with me. I feed off of your ideas and your energy.
      jody rule 3 years ago
      ok so guys, with mikes blessing i hope, i have written a decent hook for this and wonder if anyone would join me if i lay my vocal. Join me speak chattin, spittin in between to the same topic if i write the words up... i will video response my result and if mike like then i ask that he gives permission to further it on. jus a ty for his work, be nice for us all to join inn purely for the love of music n hiswork? thoughts?
    • MP3WAV
      Right Beat Radio Mr Martin
      Mr. Martin
      Mr Martin
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Elliot Burnstein 4 years ago
      Hells ya man!! Im frm colorado, home of tha skittle zimmerman (google it, its a pic of zimmerman made of skittles).. Much 303 love!! Been wantin ta makea jam 4 him 4 ahile!! Id love ta rite to this!! Much 303 love an musical prosper brudda!!!!