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    by admin
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    Hughie G 11 months ago
    try and be a little more creative.. sounds to much like another song bud.. and people saying it sounds like a metallica version isn't a compliment... it means make your own music. keep at it bud creativity is key
    curly shordy 1 year ago
    he was like there's no one loyal baby girl I need someone to spoil,its low key rare because no one cares,but when I give it my all you push me away and let tears fall from my face, ooh these memories I wanna erase,but listen if u let me hold u close and live u the most I'll be your super man,I will hold your hand to the very end ,I love you I love you I hate you,I'm so damn fed u I am making a scene to impersonate you,please come home I can't take it I pretended but I faked it,yh in that I lied but I'm not that kind of guy I'm the one in Innocent disguise, I lied I lied I lied but you know I love deep deep down I just wanna shove you,when the waters deep enough I'd really be luck damn all this confusion in my head and in my heart...these fuckin illusions,you so sweet and kind baby lately I been addicted to tweetin and signs,you broke my heart and now its bleeding some,how you played superman but then gone ask to be best friends,saying that you've got my heart in your hand funny thing is you ain't even my man,you told me best friends are better than gfs,baby boy ain't one of these stupid ass trends,once I told u he said I'm sorry baby come over so we can cuddle and and unfold u,I been there thick and thin but u wanna sat its a win for win,is that why u downgraded oop no shade but u nearly made it,love lies and hate comes in play,love lies and hate every day,love lies and hate yep we on the same page he asked shat page I picked up my heart and three at his fuckin face:/
    NandiCovers 1 year ago
    I'm doing a mash-up of two songs for my cover channel and I would love to used this instrumental it's beautiful.
    JACKMAN SID 1 year ago
    hello i need your instrumental cause im singer can you send a yes or no pleas thx ;)
    ChrisKsan 1 year ago
    What tools have you used for the drums? Software/hardware? I love the whole package, but I'm especially interested in that clean kick. Can you advise? Thank you.
    Damion Monaghan 1 year ago
    I'm tired of Hip Hop marring poetry and I am now starting to collect an influence pool, this is awesome thanks for the inspiration, subscribed and hooked
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    Thoughts and Rain
    Thoughts and Rain
    by admin
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    Ana Hernández 3 years ago
    Hey, I wrote some lyrics for this track and I would like to ask you if I can use it. I'll give you credit, of course.
    Thanks in advance, 
    la yuki malterna 3 years ago
    wenas ago canciones con bases que escucho y os invito a pasaros por mi canal opinar y suscribiros si os gusta gracias
    LBLAZETV1 3 years ago
    im going to do something deep to this one im going to use some of maya angelou caged bird sings too so make sure u email please
    Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
    Yeah that week was truly soaked! It rained so much here in MD. Hope you guys are ok out there! Thanks a lot!
    Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
    Go for it, that would be very cool. I just wrote it in my journal, and finally put some music around it. You have my permission :)
    jody rule 3 years ago
    them words above, they for the track brother, if so ima gonna add them when i get a chance... if you want?might not want to lol... with permission to add a few bits n juggle if need for flow...
    NoBreakz 3 years ago
    the rain is faling down, everybody is running, but im standing ground its pouring but i cant help but to fall in love with the sound as thousen of raindrops fall ,i'll be the only one around i seek no shelter as none can save me from my sorrows tonight the sidewalk once so crowed now theres no one in sight the rain is faling down, everybody is running, but im standing ground..
    FonzieKat 3 years ago
    The guitar is beautiful man! Mind if I use this for an interlude on my mix tape?
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    Thoughts and Wind
    Thoughts and Wind
    by admin
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    Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
    Not really a poem, but just my thoughts at the time. Usually if I can write down what I see and how I feel at a certain time, it helps me imagine it later and be able recreate that feeling with music and sound effects. And so I just attach those original thoughts with the music to help you feel what I was feeling.Thanks!
    GrimeGalore 3 years ago
    nicely phrased .. poem? im not sure what you call it.. set the mood with the scenery. good job on part II