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      Right Beat Radio Thoughts and Rain
      Thoughts and Rain
      Thoughts and Rain
      by admin
      No song comments yet.
      Ana Hernández 3 years ago
      Hey, I wrote some lyrics for this track and I would like to ask you if I can use it. I'll give you credit, of course.
      Thanks in advance, 
      la yuki malterna 3 years ago
      wenas ago canciones con bases que escucho y os invito a pasaros por mi canal opinar y suscribiros si os gusta gracias
      LBLAZETV1 3 years ago
      im going to do something deep to this one im going to use some of maya angelou caged bird sings too so make sure u email please
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      Yeah that week was truly soaked! It rained so much here in MD. Hope you guys are ok out there! Thanks a lot!
      Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
      Go for it, that would be very cool. I just wrote it in my journal, and finally put some music around it. You have my permission :)
      jody rule 3 years ago
      them words above, they for the track brother, if so ima gonna add them when i get a chance... if you want?might not want to lol... with permission to add a few bits n juggle if need for flow...
      NoBreakz 3 years ago
      the rain is faling down, everybody is running, but im standing ground its pouring but i cant help but to fall in love with the sound as thousen of raindrops fall ,i'll be the only one around i seek no shelter as none can save me from my sorrows tonight the sidewalk once so crowed now theres no one in sight the rain is faling down, everybody is running, but im standing ground..
      FonzieKat 3 years ago
      The guitar is beautiful man! Mind if I use this for an interlude on my mix tape?