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Found another powerful acoustic song, this time by Liza Anne. Figured I’d try my hand at turning it into an instrumental. This one was a little more difficult than some of the others, but I got it to work I think.

If anyone is familiar with the original song, Thin Ice, you’ll notice the changes I made. Mostly added my own drum track over it. I also threw in a wah guitar, some nice deep sub bass, a light harmonic synth, and a few other bits. It transitions well.

Rearranged the song into a format that can be written to, or simply listened to. I like it.

What do you think? Send me your feedback.

Sample Info:
Artist: Liza Anne
Recording: Thin Ice
Release Year: 2014

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  • Evan Reyne 1 year ago
    Sounds awesome!! :D
  • King Aphro 1 year ago
  • Fymega 1 year ago
    Dude, I don't think i ever told you this, but your acoustic reworkings are always freaking magical. Really, really beautiful work here. Especially the last half of the song. Incredibly serene. I don't really have any criticism for this one, really great job. Makes me want to finally finish my song on your It's Just Jealousy beat. :D

    Also, I really gotta check out Liza Anne now, her voice is so beautiful and emotive. Have you ever checked out PJ Bond or Emily Barker? They could really be in your wheelhouse.^^
  • Jake Lionheart 1 year ago
    wow!!!! that was beautiful
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