Way Up There

This beat is weird. I stumbled onto a weird sound that I picked a piece out of and looped. Then I just built up from there.

I was messing with filters again. I don’t think the mix is very good as there’s a lot of clutter in the low end. Two of the samples I ran through a heavy low pass and the low frequencies probably clash a little.

The whole beat is just weird to me. I like the idea though. I had it in my head but sometimes translating that onto record isn’t easy.

Thanks for listening!

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  • Wabbit Kidds 2 years ago
    how much for exclusive? I know the beats pretty old but is it still for sale.
  • Inyo Feyace 2 years ago
    This is fantastic! Do more like this! In fact show me where to find more like this! I'm starting with your channel...
  • SCHIZOID_BEATS 4 years ago
    This is what I call DOPE
  • André Marques 4 years ago
    This sounds so awesome! The simple drum goes with the samples and synths like they were made together, one of the best beats I've hear to this day.
  • griffyhitz 4 years ago
    can I use this for non commercial use, all credit given in the description
  • comebackkid44723 4 years ago
    Could you imagine A Tribe Called Quest on this beat? o.O
  • J Bossman 5 years ago
  • voidenter 5 years ago
    that one guitar part could be the beginning of all apologies, one of the worst nirvana songs ever.. but yea could be. good ear.
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    I know there's quite a bit of effects on that loop so I've fooled myself lol. :)
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    You know what, I have no idea where those sounds came from. I really don't remember. Lol thanks man
  • choeuchkin 5 years ago
    Nirvana sample?
  • jim mad 5 years ago
    special fix with the erb that special mix, in the park one day several kids and a couple spliffs, no one ever mention this, but this shit run deep with the cannabis, white widow, cheese and some riz, big blunt you can handle this, with the roach just gripped in his lips, ghosts in the smoke from the piff, taught him not to choke when he toke on a spliff, told him he should never pass if the bong ever got passed his way, or the high way, flying where the sky be even if the sky's grey.
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Thanks a lot lol! :)
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @OfficialFiddo Thanks!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @77Supasid77 Hey Supa! I would certainly be interested in trying but I cant make any promises lol. It would be new for me but I'm always up for the challenge. Send me a link and I'll see what I can do for you. :) Thanks a lot by the way!
  • SID MONSOON 6 years ago
    @77Supasid77 Yeoooo i have a Question Would you be interested in sampling a couple Video game Beats Ive listened to your work i know you will do a Good job
  • SID MONSOON 6 years ago
    @RightBeatRadio Chyeah boii!
  • Jack Fidler 6 years ago
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @77Supasid77 haha! do your thing!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @dopemasterwe420 thanks :)
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