There is a lot of noise in the samples. They were dirty and at the time, my setup was pretty low budget. So there was extra noise in the signal. I apologize ahead of time.

This is a street instrumental that has an East coast feel to it.

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  • vuk yu 4 years ago
    sounds good man, you made this with an MPC or with software? really has a gritty 12 bit sound to it.
  • Thomas Eaton 4 years ago
    why is an east coast beat called washington??
  • sadiemarquis 4 years ago
    Made a very intense song to this instrumental... Just posted up a lil video... hint hint...
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @ThisFreshPanda thanks brother
  • Keven Tejada 6 years ago
    @RightBeatRadio thanks ill post sumthing up l8r
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @keventejada65 go for it ;)
  • Keven Tejada 6 years ago
    sick beat i was wondering if i can use this just to rap to
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