Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

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Right Beat Radio Walking in the Rain

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You ever been walking and it just started raining on your head? You didn’t forget the umbrella, did you?

This is a song for that kind of day.

Electric guitars and stuff.


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hope you don't mind if i use some of these beats they fit lyrics and multiple styles of songs i like to do. Right Beat Radio you do a amazing job
AJ Ford 3 years ago
could you put a hip hop twist on this for me? I'm a fan, I'd love to hear how it sounds
jessejoeyjames 3 years ago
haha wow that was so weird to hear a dutch intro on this song man! The voices in the beginning. But amazing ;)
Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
I actually had some drums that I put to this. But whenever I listened to it, I felt it so much more without the drums. So I worked it that way instead. But I totally feel where you're coming from. I have a few more ideas like this that include some drum work. Thanks a lot, Frank B.
Josh Coates 3 years ago
If this was somehow incorporated into image form, someone would no doubt be screaming PHOTOSHOPPED because this is unreal!
Frank B. 3 years ago
you should totally drop a hip hop version this instrumental...I can feel the vibe flowing and a beat kicking. But on it's own it's still totally funky. rifts are sick! keep it up. Love your stuff man, peace
jody rule 3 years ago
heaven sent to hide the shame im walkin in the rain again so many sins washed away the rain pours so comes dilution in society weakenin morals riskin even the sanctity of marriage becomin a thing on a dvd we're workin toward carnage no thanks to you and me this aint me i didnt do shit attitude aint gonna cut it we been doin it yrs its got us to here now EEER yeah wow so while your walkin in the rain again think even about the bit of litter u aint droppin or that tin your pickin up not kickin