Voir mon ami

Here’s a pretty straight forward underground hip hop beat.

Monty Alexander on the piano. Classic drum work, some filters and an arp synth way in the back.


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  • Louie Vargas 10 months ago
    Email me so we can work sco2rose@gmail.com @rightbeatradio
  • love the beat man it inspired me to write some lyrics to it..how can i get intouch with some one if i want to purchase it?
  • Louie Vargas 2 years ago
    This is very nice!
  • Harmes 2 years ago
    i kick the flow on the beat
    i will roll up my weed, meat
    or wine, dont know wassup
    close up too much

    hahaha just kidding wif dam lyrics i like the flow of the beat
  • Lok-y Musik 2 years ago
    I'ma youtube rapper
    not here for anyone to get stabd ah'
    i'm here to tell oldschool come true
    not to say i just wanna fuck you:...

    man thats weak... sry mind poetic
    greez from german
  • 3rdEyeSolace 2 years ago
    switch the drum pattern up and you got a really really dope beat
  • DJ Chillnite 2 years ago
    Nice vibe for sure!!!!!
  • Z10Beats 2 years ago
    Old school sound. I like it!
  • Olivier JM 2 years ago
    nice shit bro
  • Jineto 2 years ago
    sounds nice

    the snare (dunno if its called that) is kinda sharp/ too loud imo
  • Matto Lenzo 2 years ago
    Something nice in my ears :)
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