Untamed, Untitled, Unfinished

Untamed, Untitled, Unfinished

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Right Beat Radio Untamed, Untitled, Unfinished

Yo! Here’s an old beat I never finished. I honestly got tired of hearing it.

I really felt it and then…I just didn’t. So I’m sharing it in it’s current and final state. Maybe it’s useful to someone?

Use it on your mixtape!


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BadCymphony 6 months ago
I'd definitely like this for the mixtape I'm working on. Really feeling the composition. Any chance I could use it?
Fymega 6 months ago
I can kinda see how you got tired of it yourself, the guitar-line seems to run a bit on the repetitive side. I really do like the balance between it and the trap-percussion though. With a bassline, this would be even better.
Still, good stuff.