Under My Bed

It’s close to Halloween so I put together this eerie experimental acoustic (rock?) instrumental. This song packs quite a bit of energy when it gets going.

I made this music to go along with the strange photos that you see in the video.


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  • Would you mind if I use this instrumental for a personal song please? You will be credited for the beat.
  • LOONEY TOONZ 1 year ago
    Hi I'm Looney Toonz and I want to use this instrumental for a tribute video for a friend of mine who was murdered a few months back
  • Balor Injeski 2 years ago
    this is not an Instrumental
  • Emperor 1688 2 years ago
    Hi Guys,

    We cam across this song and fell in love with it, captured the essence of this short film we made, noted on the terms and conditions noted, we credited the song name at the end of the song.

    Here is the link to the film,


    All the best

    Emperor 1688.
  • A. David 2 years ago
    Hi, My name is A. David. I'm an up and coming Indie artist, and I would love to use this instrumental for a piece I was working on. This would be a profited project, so is there anyway to lease it?
  • Sasha Summers 2 years ago
    Sounds like a Of Monsters And Men song.. I luv it <3
  • Katie Ellie 3 years ago
    Hey! I've written a song to this!! love it hope you don't mind! i've credited you and i won't be making an money on it. Beautiful instrumental hope you like it. 

  • Tristan Trust 3 years ago
    Please make more songs with vocals like this! Or even put vocals in verses and instrumental chorus
  • TheJ1aa2m3 3 years ago
    This is amazing do you mind if I use it for a song ?
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    i question an amazing sound as usual, could this have subtler drums? I would like to do something  with this. either way ncie job again bro. 

    Where is the vocaal sample from? 

  • AssCandid 3 years ago
    something new, i like it !
  • webnet15 3 years ago
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