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Right Beat Radio Umbrella

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A bright electric guitar and piano instrumental I call Umbrella.

There is a flanger effect on the hi-hats.

Thanks for listening and have fun!

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Mill3rtime2010 4 years ago
yeee yeah yeaahh ooo got nothin to lose everything to chose, carieed myself betterd my wealth still no concern for my health gotta do wats good for my pocket if u hatin just drop it cuase yuh jaw i popp it like this umbrella, mmm she smella hella nice got me stimulated like cold ice to the skin ahhh so i open it in chill in the shade ride in an escalade mmm i love it better throw a parade work hard to stay brave earn very little pay but im happy each day when i spit my free flows
Honda PreludeBB6 4 years ago
HAven't been checking vids in awhile! but when i do i tune into the right beat radio!! good stuff! u getting better! and the fanbase is solid :D hope u keep it up buddy! been here for ya since day1 !
Mc Flo 4 years ago
I was in love with the beat until the drums dropped. If this beat had hard and heavier drums it would have been amazing. Good one nonetheless. Keep up the good work.