Turntables and Tequila

Funky guitar action, old school breaks, and turntables.

Have fun!

Hip Hop FreestyleDJ Scratches Drum Break Electric GuitarSerious
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  • JD Fletes 2 years ago
    Nice Beats! i really like this type of music:
  • Prairie Dogg 2 years ago
    hella sick man!
  • Elliot Burnstein 3 years ago
    Did you intend for there to be lyrics put to this?? Cuz its so abstract i think it would be fun to wright to this funky lil jam here!!!! Hmu if you find the time, would be most appreciated!!!!!! Much 303 brotha!!!!!!
  • Mc Flo 3 years ago
    Damnnnnn...very sick Mikey.
    Keep up the good work.
  • Mic Torrance 3 years ago
    wheres the DL link????
  • Nice! Funky shit! The guitar is sick
  • Martwan Gunter 3 years ago
    Damn dawg we missed you!!
  • SoundArtProjekt 3 years ago
    Hello from Germany - Hello Mike - that a super cool idea-great HipHop beats with super sounds - very great guitar - I like it - nice day
  • Patrick Lopez 3 years ago
    This is "bad!" (Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good Run DMC)
  • ha, you back bro!
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