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I was messing around with filters again. Acoustic guitar by John Mayer.

John Mayer – Clarity (Acoustic)

I tried to turn it into hip hop. Synth lead in the hook.

Hope you like.

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Paul Thompson 3 years ago
Told I was never gonna make it - how many people have heard that before - before you walked out the door.
Told me I was worthless - how many times must you say it - before it escalates
I believed all your words - they kept me quiet in the shadows for much too long
The damage was already done - gave me a resilience I had all along
but Im thankful - thankful for what Ive become
strong and determined - to me Im number one
found my feet - found my soul along the way
a smile I never knew - thats something you cant take away.....

How can we ever - express the way we truly feel
silence among the noise - given the chance we wield
the power to give life or death
words hold the key
to the wealth of happiness...
kazim fermin 3 years ago
good work on the beats man im loving them! got one on soundcloud at the moment :) feel free to check it out
Bhebhe 3 years ago
yO love yOur stuff, what's the arrangement for this beat?
Dliso Zulu 3 years ago
Your Music Is Amazing Man!...Dude do you mind if i use some of your beats for a mixtape?...
DJ Johnson 4 years ago
Take a look at what I did with the beat. Track is titled "From The Jump." Appreciate it, man.
Kaikoa Parker 4 years ago
all your beats are dope in there own way! hella sick. Keep up the creative works. They are refreshing!