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Right Beat Radio Timeless

Messing around with my filters again.

I love to work with rain and thunder effects.

Hope you like.

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Super Loyal 3 years ago
Your fucking retarded
Just look what I started
Vocals backed up, Let's smoke a blunt
Guess our guts love to gamble luck
Run-A-Muck with a scary mask
Our insides once exposed so it's Time To Put Each Other On Blast
Hustlers are the ones who withstands
Job Workers got Facial Features with no plans
For the future, better see the bigger picture
We're stuck in a place where every rapture
Is captured by a average master,
And street codes got bastards dying in laughter!
Sessions got it popping like bomb bitches
They don't gotta say anything to burn down birches
Dollars has us on lock, our style backs it up
Someone in earth probably telling me to "SHUT THE FUCK UP"
But do you feel me? Just trying my best
Cause life has be defined by death!
Hazard Mouth 3 years ago
I like your beats for sure they have a lot of emotion, I love the off timing rhythm in this one.
3 years ago
Real nice work here :) also love the low end bass i can hear or is that my ears aha