Think Back 4A Second

So my boy ran into a buddy of his yesterday who he hasn’t seen since high school. Cue the memories…

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  • Mc Flo 2 months ago
    Wow, the vibes are soooooo good.
  • Kindness K 5 months ago
    This reminded me a bit of Dizzy Wright. Love the bounce factor you gave this
  • JACK REMIX 5 months ago
    good vibe man :)
  • Resa Swork 6 months ago
    Love it! Starts like an extension/play from Tower Of Power,then into the chill hip hop! :3
  • Lobo Senior 6 months ago
    RIGHT ON!!!! Lol
  • Think back 4A Second.. when we met the very first time... magical times and now forever will be the same. Keep improoving mike.
    J.C from Argentina. 😄
  • Yo! Very laid back with a old school vibe!👍🎵😄
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