There Used to Be

I wanted to play with your imagination for a second.

Try to fall into the atmosphere of the music. Let the eerie wind and faint sounds of children take you someplace for a minute.

Thanks for listening.

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  • Kia Wellz 2 years ago
    looking at the comments now, I didn't think to ask you to tone down the wind for me. The kids laughing and outside sounds reminded me of innocence and love. and I just took that to another level. even with the wind picking up i think i did this beat justice. i hope you like my song. check it out
  • Third-3ye 4 years ago
    Umm this sounds like a mix between a michael jackson song and a ballroom dance song. Pretty sure this is happy music than sad or eerie......
  • brothaxgenie 4 years ago
    no download link?
  • Dude, this is soo perfect for something I've been working on for a while. Do you think I could use this and give all the credit for the instrumental and stuff like that to you? Amazing work!
  • Pharez baidoo 4 years ago
    is it possible if you could do one without the wind? +Right Beat Radio 
  • Terance Booth 4 years ago
    Listening to this today, I realize that I was wrong. The wind does in fact tell another story, the child's playful laughter and screams, the subtly of the piano remind us of a day we once had, that we may have enjoyed, could recall if a friend or family mentioned it, a day that we may have seen as insignificant and overlooked until we found ourselves in a perilous time in which such memories revive us. A good day, long past, almost chillingly so in comparison to our present lives.
  • Juan Mendez 4 years ago
    Makes me feel relaxed more than sad and eerie
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