The Whale Song

This music took some time to put together. But we’re finally finished and I’m happy with the results. Interesting concept so I ran with it.

Drums kick in further into the song.

Acoustic guitar by Rob Humphreys.
Sound effects by Ade Swash.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Acoustic Indie FilmAcoustic Guitar Acoustic Piano Live Drums Sound FX Synth Synth LeadDreamy Encouraging Heartfelt Hopeful Mysterious Sophisticated Thoughtful Serene70-79 bpm
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  • Just Robby 2 months ago
    This is everything. gives me Keith vibes. keith the movie starring Jesse McCarthy
  • Resa Swork 2 months ago
    Totally up my veggie, animal lovin' alley! Thank you , Mike! I think the whales thank you, too! This is the most political your music has been. I admire you for this!
  • Mc Hambug 2 months ago
    WoW Amazing
  • kindness k 2 months ago
    This is excellent. The way wherein it leaves so much open story to be told is just impeccable
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