The Walk

Held on to this one for quite a while. I think I was working on this back in 2015? Forgot all about it, found it again, and decided to finish it up and share with you all.

I feel mysterious when I listen to this. It’s pretty deep and kinda strange in a way.

Originally a Ghost Loft song, but I added some live drums in there, and threw a few (heavily processed) The Xx samples and vocals in there. So I hope it all mixed well.

Let me know what you think. Your feedback is always welcome!


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  • ontray haley 2 weeks ago
    I love it,Very Smooth
  • do u mind if i use this if i give you credit?
  • Iker Androide X 1 month ago
    Puedo usar esta instrumental bro?
  • Adam Domonski 1 month ago
    So highhhhh wiz khlifa
  • what are samples saying in the vocals ? and what is the sample of the vocals ?
  • Leangelo Kellom 4 months ago
    Sounds like
    Pouya - use to
    Wiz Khalifa - so high
    Kid cudi (forgot the name of the song)
  • Honolulu101 5 months ago
    Did wiz Khalifa sampled this instrumental from u 😂
  • Abri 6 months ago
    Sampled from Wiz Khalifa's Blacc Hollywood joint ''So High'' . Nice ! Well done bro
  • FreeThinker 7 months ago
  • William Demon 9 months ago
    I will be putting lyrics to this..I'll share when done
  • Joshua Watson 12 months ago
    So did wiz take this beat for his song "so high" or was this made based off of that beat?
  • this is awesome
  • Aaron Gregory 1 year ago
    This is amazing man. I would really like to make a song to this. I have some really obscure lyrics for this that go perfect. Could I record something then send you it and see if we can work something out?
  • JOBY VLOGS 1 year ago
    can i use this beat?
  • R. FRILL 1 year ago
  • 2k11ro 1 year ago
    when are you guys going to have the website back up and running? I been trying to get back on it for months
  • M.R.N MC 1 year ago
  • Jake Lionheart 1 year ago
    This is beautiful!!!!
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